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The Firm Poker & Titan Poker announce new PokerBet product for the UK.
The Firm Poker and Titan Poker will provide a new service that allows bets to be placed on Titan Pro’s and Team Titan players at UK live poker tournaments.
The betting service will be provided by Titan Sports Book and the live updates and results service by The Firm Poker.
This new product will allow bets to be placed on Team Titan players and Titan Ambassadors at live events. The bet wins if the player makes the final table and the payout is a multiplyer of the buyin relative to the cash amount. For example a £500 (+£50) buy in that results in an 8th place finish for £1500 pays 2-1 plus stake back.
The Firm’s Operations Director Justin Sevilla said: “We believe this will be hugely popular as more and more people want to have a piece or interest in a player at a live event and get a 4 day sweat for their bet. We have conducted stake facilities in the past and this involved lots of manual transactions to make it work – The Titan sportsbook removes all the hassle from staking a player as you get paid exactly what the player gets paid through a sportsbook without the need to swap percentages or send and receive funds. This is not a product or service we could offer without the partnership of Titan and we are very grateful for their support. ”
The Firm’s mission statement is: “We are dedicated to the excitement, enjoyment, and profitability of playing poker.”
A spokesman for Titan said: “We are pleased to confirm the offer of this new product which is very innovative and unique. We are always seeking to provide new products and services which our customers want and this simple but effective product delivers what people want”
The new service will only allow Team Titan Pro’s or ambassadors to have bets placed on them. During events they will have dedicated coverage of their tournament journey provided by The Firm with up to the minute chip counts, tournament clock, and big hands or interesting hands displayed on The Firms live update page which also has an mobile viewer function.
To join Titan now and place your first Pokerbet, click here http://lp.titanpoker.com/lpframesteve.html?skin=steve