on 11:13

Having bust out of last nights £165 side event that attracted a whopping 49 runners I decided to play the cash tables as their seemed to be some loose players on there with a whole heap of chips going begging.

Having been bashed up by lady luck the night before when twice getting it in – in good shape with AA and twice getting rivered for a total of around £500 I reckoned that lady luck owed me one. I sat down with £200 on this £1/£2 table and played like granite for around 6 hours finally getting back my loses from the previous evening and pocketing an extra £400 in the process.

Steve Vigor who is leading the ranking points at the moment extended his lead at the top by taking down the £200 side event and I also had the pleasure of his company on my starting table last night – I think that’s 6 comps out of 6 now where we have been drawn together. Well done to Steve on his win and I must be looking now at a win today/tomorrow in the main event to try and claw back some of the difference otherwise there’s about 8 of us sniffing around for 2nd spot in the league.

44 runners already reg’d at Southampton for the main event and possibly less numbers at Sheffield as has been the case all week.

Todays event starts at mid-day so I best get a move on…. GL to me and everyone else playing today.