on 12:04

I find myself in rainy Southampton for this week’s leg of the GUKPT summer series tour.

There is also a festival-taking place at Sheffield simultaneously with the same buy-ins although on the face of it - it looks like we are getting better numbers down here.

I played the Sat on Wednesday night managing to bink one of the ten seats from a field of 52 runners while Sheffield managed just 36 runners.

Last nights tourney was a £220 F/O and it attracted 50 runners generating a £10k pot – whilst in Sheffield they managed just 43 runners --- this could have a lot to do with the fact that the stunning Dena is in Southampton whilst big Ian Bryan is running the show in the city of steel.

I crashed out of last nights comp after getting short stacked and 4 bet jamming into Steve Vigor who leads the field in the GUKPT rankings and looks in a good position to take down the final table of last nights event.

Off for a game of golf this afternoon before heading back to the casino for tonight’s £165 F/O which is a one day affair…

The main event also looks like having better numbers than Sheffield with 45 already brought in for the 2-day event starting on Saturday £550.