on 12:28

I think it’s fair to say that last nights cancellation was caused by the ineptitude of the staff at Ipoker – at least the swiftness in which it was cancelled by G.Casino/Blue Sq staff ensured that the game was cancelled there and then rather than the three hour debacle that happened last time.

Ipoker were given a mandate of varying chip stacks for certain players and they got all but one correct – the one that they got wrong resulted in Mulla having a 50k stack rather than a 5k stack.

gukpt Grosvenor UK Poker Tour are not teaming up with ukipt Pokerstars and would be a massive mistake to team up with another tour.

When the GUKPT kicked off in 2007 (we are now in season 5) it captured everyone’s imagination because of the TV coverage and because of that it was successful also the climate at the time meant that more people had more money in their pockets and there was also little choice for the regular poker player to choose from.

The tour was also run by Jon Raab, Mike Butlin and Jamie Reeve and these three were not only responsible for making the tour a success but also to build up the Blue Square brand. The on-line sats were a massive success and they had a hard core of regulars that were constantly battling it out on-line in the value added sats.

Nowadays, there is the Pokerstars tour UKIPT – predominantly full of Internet qualifiers but nevertheless a full tour with a full schedule. We are also blessed with having DTD in the UK who are constantly offering games with massive guarantee’s and a deepstack starting stack giving punters exactly what they want for their hard earned dollars as well as having many value added sat’s into their main events.

Genting,Circus and Encore are now getting in on the act and realizing there is still a gap in the market and run regular “Monthly Live Deepstack” and “value added” events up and down the country in their many casino’s

The GUKPT are the ones who give the most away at the moment in terms of monetary value £300k+ this year and this would be a massive hole if we were to lose this money. Dave Abrams, Nick Sharratt, Dena, Ian and Russell know that they are going to have to pull a rabbit out of a hat somewhere if the tour is ever going to be a success like it was in season 1 and I for 1 would hate to see the tour diminish.

The news from the underground is that Gala/Coral will resurface in 2012 as will a fully scheduled Circus/Stanley tour and DTD will no doubt have more games and guarantees to entice us to make the trip to Nottingham.

The GUKPT and the powers that be need to sit down with poker players and find out what we want… a Champion of champions event where you don’t have to win anything to qualify doesn’t exactly get me rushing out to play, sitting at home waiting for sats to start for seats into main events – that never get started cause there’s not enough runners. There’s plenty of players that play the tour and travel regularly to different venues and would be more than willing to sit down and give their views cause the one thing we all want is “more choice”