on 09:16

Sometimes you have to admit to yourself that you’ve just played a particular hand like a total fucking donkey, and sometimes that particular hand can cost you your tournament, which is exactly what happened last night in the first level of play.

I’m in mid position with AQ suited when there’s a limper round to me at 25/50 so I raise to 300, call from the lad next to me and then the BB makes it 1k to go, limper folds, I call as does the lad next to me flop comes AT5, bb leads for 1600 so I flat behind him, lad next to me tank folds and I’m putting him on a big ace (AJ –A9 –AQ) turn card brings a 9 and puts two clubs out there now giving me the nut flush draw as well, bb leads for 3k, I’m not putting him on an ace and I have a massive holding at this point so elect to flat having 4500 left behind me that I know is hitting the felt on the river cause the bb is just not slowing down – and I know if I miss the flush draw I’m going to have a decision to make for my tournament life – no club on the river and the bb tank shoves – I figure he could be repping the ace and holding kings or queens having rr pre, I call and he flips AK, well played me….

Early night in the sack after giving myself a good talking to on the way home.

£165 PLO tonight at 6pm so a good chance to redeem myself.

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