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Today sees the starts of this years GUKPT Walsall Festival. With a £110 freeze out starting at 7.30pm

I played the 10 seats guaranteed last night, £30 rebuy, 2k in chips, double add on – outlay £125 – finished 24th after cruising along quite nicely then running AK into AA for 75% of my stack and my final hand on my bb for 3k and the small limps to me – I jam for 9800 total with KQ suited and sb dwell calls from his 16k total with Jd7h flop comes down Kh 7c 2h turn 4h river 5h WPWPWP.

Just the one starting day for the main event this year which consists of two flights on Friday – 12 noon and 6pm

I have a strong feeling that the numbers will be down this week although I hope that with the two bank holidays and the lovely weather it gets the runners in.

All my shares are sold out now but you can still purchase shares in other “pro’s” fro www.thefirmpoker.com


James Atkin said...

Am I right in saying you shoved for 3bbs with KQ?

Obviously he should jam pre 100% of the time. But limp/calling >> limp/folding

Steve H. said...

100% all the time he should jam this spot or fold... hope you well mate

James Atkin said...

Yeah, anything besides shoving is tez.

I'm well mate cheers. Black Friday rocked the boat a little but should be alright. Hope you're good also!