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Still got a load of work to do on the house but finished most of the inside now, carpet fitters coming tomorrow.. Still knackered from the weekend at DTD and the disappointment in 24th spot but hey ho you cant win them all.. Vegas team game tonight and I'm lying 2nd in the league so I'm coming after your arse now Daddymuff and our team are in 4th spot and looking to improve on that. Golf game down at Cleobury Mortimer today and enjoying the sun before it's back to the slog. Already mowed the lawn this morning an done a few chores around the house so dont feel to guilty at taking a day out and chilling out, just hope that my golf is up to par!!! All my shares (The Firm) in this months GUKPT Walsall have sold out but you can still buy shares in our other pro's (Check them all out here);


Anonymous said...


How much would it cost me for coaching of you.


Steve H. said...

Hi Mike
You can make an enquiry the www.thefirmpoker.com
You may be entitled to free coaching should you open an account and release so much of your bonus or you can opt to pay for direct services and I think these range from $100 per 2 hour session via sktpe and team viewer.