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Having gained an extra day off due to my early exit in the main event GUKPT I got to spend another day with my daughter and do the sightseeing stuff around London….The weather was a bonus and we decided on the South Bank and the Tate Modern, everyone else obv had the same idea as the place was absolutely packed.

With a free evening in hand as well I thought I would go to one of the other poker rooms in London as I didn’t fancy playing the Dealers Choice Rebuy comp at the GUKPT . Palm beach didn’t have any comps on.

Fox had a £38 F/O 10k stack and around 100 runners starting at 7pm I joined the club on-line and had to phone the club as I’ve brought NO photo id with me to London. Fox were great about it and said that it wouldn’t be a problem so long as I brought ID with me on any future visits.

I then found out that The International (The old Gutshot that I was a member of) had got a venue up nr Old Street and they had a £100 F/O on at 7pm with about 60/70 runners – I joined on line and again phoned the club at 5.15pm to explain that I had NO Id on me and was told NO problem. I looked at their restaurant menu on line and decided that I would make my way over there and have a nice meal before the 7pm start.

I make the journey from Lancaster Gate to Old Street and walk the short distance to the club. I arrive at 6.15 pm and explain to the lad on the desk that I had joined on line and spoken to someone ref my ID problem and he says “don’t know who you’ve spoken to as I been here all afternoon – don’t know why you were told it would be alright as you cant come in without ID unless you can get a member to sign you in – do you know any members inside?) – I said I haven’t got a clue who’s inside, I’ve made my way over to play a game that I was told it would be ok to play – “sorry he say’s – cant come in without ID) I even showed him my recent calls made in my phone to prove that I had phoned at 5.15pm but he just wasn’t bothered. WP The International

I make my way over to the Fox Club and immediately accepted as a member but advised that I must bring photo id on next visit, cant use my debit card – only cash and if I win above £500 then I’ll have to leave it on account till I provide ID – result – simples if only The International had done this. There’s a credit crunch on and the International are happy to turn away punters (who phone in advance) happy to buy a nice meal, bottle of wine, couple of drinks and a reg fee and poss some rake on cash – if they got that much cash then perhaps they should do some staff training so that they are all singing off the same hymn sheet.

103 runners make the field up at Fox and I recognise Joe (Card room manager – who used to be at DTD) who puts me in the right direction for everything going on down there – sounds like good times are ahead for the Fox Club and I will certainly be using the club on my next visit to London – crashed out around 1.30am in 8th spot when I jammed from the cut off with KQ suited and ran into pocket Jacks, King first card out followed by a red jack – A great venue in a great location with a good set of lads and ladies playing in there.

Todays comp at the Vik is a £300 F/O bounty – one day comp with a 10k starting stack and 25 minute clock starting at 5pm – Jeff Kimber still involved with the GUKPT main event final table although short stacked – I managed to bag two shares in Jeff early on via TheFirmPoker.com so I’m crossing my fingers that he takes it down now.

Villa lost to Wolves yesterday while Birmingham Shitty lost to Wigan – I’m fairly confident that
My prediction of Blues (Shitty), Wigan and West Ham will be the three teams to go down – The Villa board should also take on board how shit Houllier is, how crap his signings have been and we are going backwards from Martin O’Neil and Kevin McDonalds efforts – Get rid of him before he has all Villa fans crying in their onions.