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VIK 09 (Tuesday) £250 SHORT HANDED FREEZE OUT (update)
2 day event, 10k chips, 40 minute clock.
93 runners.

My first table was quite uneventful to say the least.

Got moved to a new table (10 seat 1) after about 1½ hour’s when our table got bust. Didn’t know anyone on my new table although there seemed to be two players vying for table captain.

Kevin “love joy” O’Leary joined us just after the first break and we were both below the ave with our starting stack of around 10k ish.

Kevin gets bust out just before the 2nd break and I’m up to 16800 with the ave at 40400 – just after the break and I find JJ utg at 300/600 level and hump it up to 2300, table captain who’s now on tilt after a couple of spewy hands shoves over the top for around 18k total, I call his shove and he flips 66 and the jacks hold up – up to 34k and above ave for the first time in the competition.

I then get moved again and find myself on sunny and Joe Greshs table, - Joe gets a much needed double up and gets moved, while I go card dead picking up just one hand in 45 minutes.

With one level to go there are just 23 runners left from the 93 that started the evening and the ave is 40,400 whilst I’m nursing my stack of 36k – I pick up a couple of hands getting me up to 60k when I raise with JJ and again get shoved by 6’s with the same result as earlier.

With around 25 minutes left of the day I get moved again, Ben Vinson is on my new table but is short stacked so I try to avoid playing any pots with him in them. Ben exits with around ten minutes left.

Last hand of the night and I call a raise (button) to 2400 blinds 500/1000 from the bb with KsQs flop comes Qd7h7s and he leads for 2100 after I check to him, call - I check the King clubs on the turn, I again check call he’s bet of 2600 – 6 non flush on river and I again check – with the intention to check raise and he tanks for a minute or so and leads for 6200 – fearing the set or even a house I just elect to call and he flips Td7d for minimal damage really.

Blinds 600/1200/100 on our return with a seat redraw – 15 runners left with the ave at 62k whilst I’m still in the mix with 45k., pays down to 9 spots with £7k up top.

Fingers crossed for a much needed confidence booster.

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