on 17:09

2 day event, 10k chips, 40 minute clock.
93 runners.

Went back for day 2 with just below the ave.

New table and I’m on the table with this twat I was sat with for a short while yesterday.
First hand and I’m utg+1 and find two black tens, I raise to 3600 from my 45,300 stack and folds to the bb (we are 5 handed) who then jams for 38000 total.. I ask him if he’ll show if I fold and he ignores me.. I ask if he’s got AJ and he ignores me – I then decide to make the call figuring that I’m ahead and I’ll take the race.. he then flips pocket 7s and accuses me of slowrollowing him, I ask him what he’s talking about and he said – ok – at least a nit roll.. I love it when idiots like this think you are calling for your tourney, you’ve taken less than a minute to call and want to accuse you of s/r – anyways a 7 on the flop and he’s scooping my chips.

I then get a double up with A6 v Ak catching a straight with the 6 and I get my stack nicely up to the 30k mark. I’m on the bb and there’s been a raise to 2700 (600/1200/100) and 4 callers round to me (6 handed) so with 15300 already in the middle I look down and find AK suited – I tank for a minute before moving all in, original raiser tanks for 3 minutes or so deciding that it was too much to call the extra 29700 then Mr knob head decides to look me up with two players to act behind him with 99. obv I get no assistance from the board and exit out in twelfth place.

Spending the rest of today and tomorrow with my daughter, pictures and a meal up the West End and having some time away from the felt before playing the main event on Friday fully recharged.

Last chance to get on board and snap up the last 5 remaining shares for the main event, each share costs £22 and is for 1% of any cash in the £1590 main event. Info at;


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