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VIK 08 (Monday) £200 re-entry: update.
2 day event. 7500k chips with a 40 minute clock.

I suffer a very early dent to my stack on the first orbit when this chap (button) who has played every hand of the 9 played so far raises it to 525 (25/50) with 7 limpers in the pot – I’ve got JdTd so figured I would peel the flop along with two others which came in the shape of Qd9h5d – checks all the way round and o/r makes is 1150 to go, folds to me so I elect to flat him, Kc for the turn, I check to the button knowing he will lead out and he bets out 2700 – he’s got 5900 left behind him so I figure to peel and jam and make it look like a steal if a non diamond comes, Qs on the river and I insta jam and get snapped off by pocket 9’s for the boat, chap next to me say’s “I folded a 9” FML

Sown to 1800 I manage to get a double up to 3800 and then get involved on the bb with QhTh, calling a raise to 350 from the button, flop comes AQ8, I check and button leads for 525, I flat and the board brings a 9, I check with the intention of check raising as I don’t believe he’s got an ace and even if he has I think I got outs, he leads for 1100 so I jam my remaining stack in to get called by AT, not as many outs as I thought I had and the board bricks by pairing the 8..WP ME.
Today’s event is the VIK 09 £250 short Handed F/O
2 day event, 10k chips and a 40 minute clock

The firm have 5 x 1% shares available in me for the main event £1590 at a cost of £22 each – my luck has to change sometime soon so get in there and snap these shares up.

You can purchase for any coach of The Firm on this link as well.
This month Jeff Kimber is the guest Pro and you can also purchase a part of Jeff’s main event at £22 for 1%

Well done to Mark Brassington who took down the first leg of the Las Vegas Team Challenge 11 last night.