on 10:23

VIK 06 (Sunday) £250 FREEZE OUT update
4pm start, 10000 chips and a 25 minute clock

I got off to a bad start when holding pocket kings and raising to 425 first level with 3 other limpers who all call to see the flop of Ad9d9h checks round to me so I bet out for 2100 into a pot of 1700, 1 caller (Mr Chaundry) brings a black 7 and he checks to me so I lead for 2500 and again he flats, 5d on the river and suddenly he wants to bet 1100, I flat him saying show me your flush fish to which he turns over KdTd

I struggle to build my stack back up over the next 3 hours and I eventually find a spot to get it all in pre with Ah7h for 4500 blinds 500/1000/100 and the bb who only just has me covered hums and arr’s for a minute or so and say’s I have to call, just hope that I’m live and flips K3o he catches a 3 on the turn and a king on the river just for good measure.

So I head to the cash desk and buy into event

VIK 07 (Sunday) £80 rebuy sat (10 seats guaranteed into main event)

I played just 3 hands in a little over two levels, these hands were:
In a 6 way limped pot 50/100, I’m on the button with 67 suited, flop comes 656 and checks round to me so I lead for 450, I get called by the bb and 1 other, turn is an 8 and bb checks, other then makes it 300, I hump it to 600, bb makes it 1800 with me only having 2100, other folds so I insta shove for an extra 300, bb flips 64 and has 2 outs for the win and of course the 4 comes on the river…rebuy £80

A short time later I then get a double up with AK v AJ all in pre and I’m back up to around 6200

I then pick up ACES UTG and raise to 525 at 75/150 level, David Lloyd then moves all in utg+2 and just has me covered – I say to him, “bad timing mate” he flips pocket jacks and the board comes 776T RIVER JACK.

I decide to get back to the hotel and play the Sunday Million but again crash out, first to a 4 outer then to a 3 outer with Ak v A9 all in pre.

When you run bad – you run bad – lets end this shit run…

Todays competition is the VIK 08 £200 re-entry: 2 day event. 7500k chips with a 40 minute clock.
There are also £50 f/o turbo sat’s tier one into a £250 F/O sup sat on Wednesday night.