on 10:22

VIK 03 (Friday) £300 PL Omaha update:
10k chips, 1-day event, 25-minute clock throughout.

I get through the first 3 levels on table 1 with the likes of Jim Reid, Willy Tan and Dave Johnson.
Very few spots to have a go at with the table being hyper aggressive it soon became apparent that it didn’t pay to limp. I get moved to my new table around the start of level 5 with around 12k and pick up KcKhJcQc and pot it getting called by the bb flop comes 2h4c5h and bb checks so I lead for 2100 to get 3 bet to 5900 I fail to believe him and push him all in. the bb of course has the A3 for the flopped straight, I fail to miss my outs and am wounded.

With my stack now down to 2100 I then pick up QcQh6c7c and I call a raise to 525 flop comes 454 and o/r as good as puts me all in with AJQ6 to which I oblige, a 4 on the turn so just an ace to avoid on the river and I get my stack back up to 4950.

A few hands later and I limp into a pot utg with 2c3c4h7h flop comes down 456 checks round and an 8 on the turn so I lead for 1150, button puts me all in to which I call, he flips 4678 to which we’re chopping at the moment till the 6 fills him up on the river.

Spending the day with my daughter today and then playing the 7.30pm VIK 05 £150 NL TURBO F/O 1 day comp, 7500 chips and a 15-minute clock throughout… updates in the usual places later...forgot my phone last night..

The Firm are selling shares in me for the main event next week. There are just 5 shares of 1% available for the main event at a cost of £22 per share – buy-in £1500+£90 –You can pay via your Blue sq / G.Casinos account and have the winnings direct into your account; http://thefirmpoker.com/services/stake-and-rail/

Hoping that Bolton can do one over the Birmingham Shitty today – not that I hate Blues or anything like that…

Be lucky and have a good weekend