on 10:55

VIK 02 (Thurs) £300 F/O NLH update;
10k starting stack and a 40-minute clock throughout
122 runners in the field with a pot of £36600 and just over 10 dimes for the winner.

My starting table was a little nippy to say the least. Stealing pot opportunities were few and far between by the end of the 2nd level I had donated about a 5th of my starting stack to various limped pots.

I then have a card rush for the next level picking aces up on my button twice, at the first break I was up to 19k – I decided that I’d now got some chips and was going to use my tight image at the table to do some stealing.

I steal a couple of pots for about 4-6k each and then pick up aces again on the button and get paid about 9k with an over shove from AJ from an early limper.

At the start of level 6 I get moved and carry 33700 chips to my new table with the ave at 14400 with just 85 runners left.. don’t really know anyone on the table so decide to lock up and gather some information.

By the end of level 7 and after having taken stock of the table dynamics I’ve increased my stack by a further 3k having only played and won 2 pots without showdown. In the last two levels we lost another 36 players and are now down to 49 runners.

I now decide that I’m going to get busy and start bossing the table around – I can see that people are starting to look at the board and calling spots would be difficult for them to make if I make it expensive enough. I start opening pots by raising 4x/5x having to lay a couple down to 3 bets but picking up approx 4 pots every orbit .

End of level 8 and I’m up to 51k and really dominating the table avoiding the two big stacks on there, halfway through level 9 and with my stack around 65k (peak) I’m on the sb 500/1000/100 Chinese lad makes it 5k to go, folds to me and I put him all in for 16500 with AcQc and he snap calls for his tourney with QhTh board comes AhTcKd5h7h to keep him alive and dent me to 47k

I then get moved when our table breaks 28 runners left and the ave at 44k – I lock up to try and get a read on people and in the process pass a couple of hands where I have opened – I’m down to 37k and open utg to with AK and get re-shoved on the button by this lad who just made the same move a few hands earlier with pocket tens – having his stack decimated from 110k to around 50k ish – he’s got me covered and time for me to make a decision for my tourney – I make the call and he flips pocket jacks but my outs do not arrive and I exit in 25th spot around 2.30am in the morning.

VIK 03 £300 PL OMAHA F/O tonight at 7.30 pm. 1 day event, 10k chips and a 25 minute clock all the way. I am a self confessed Hold’em player but am giving this a shot as it’s a freeze out. Have played a few games on-line just to brush up – good luck if you intend to play.

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