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Having dropped off the face of the world since my last post due to doing some hard labour - I thought I would do an update…

I had a tenant do a moonlight and absolutely trashed the property she was living there with her 5 kids and 2 dogs but the damage done looked like she had been housing 15 kids and 10 dogs the house stunk of animals and they had left animal deposits on all the carpets – some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids or animals – scumbags. Hence the hard labour and I had to allocate £10k from my stoke win to getting this place up to scratch.

I have sorted my team for the LVTC11 and look forward to kicking some arse in that, didn’t bother with the LVTC1 as too many other commitments but have decided to go all out for the win – see you on the felt.

Have sorted out backers for the season of GUKPT events and it’s my intention to play something like 62+ events at the remaining festivals. Because of the success that I had last year I had no shortage of backers for this years request and all shares got snapped up quite quickly.

The Firm Poker have an interest in me and will therefore be offering shares through the site for all the main events and summer series main events.

For the main event next week at the London Vik where the buy in is £1500 + £90 you can purchase 1% shares through The Firm at a cost of just £22 each (with 300 runners the estimated pot will be £450k and a first prize of over £135k).

The Firm Poker will have 10 shares up for grabs and will go on a first come - first served basis.

In the first instance go to http://thefirmpoker.com and register for an account, It’s free.

Once you’ve reg’d for an account you can then go to http://thefirmpoker.com/services/stake-and-rail/ scroll down and follow the instructions – shares can be brought using you G.casino’s or Blue Sq accounts.

If you haven’t got one of these accounts then you can open one through The Firm.

Any winnings will be paid directly into your on-line account immediately after the event.

Shares will also be available in TheFirms other coaches as well as guest pro’s – for the Vik leg 2 you are able to buy shares in Jeff Kimber also at £22 for a 1% share

There are many well-known Pro’s who have pledged to use The Firms facility of selling shares so watch this space.

The Firm will be doing updates for all the main events as well as players orbit counts and tweets through out the day.

A full list of The London Vik festival can be found here:

I’m intending on playing everything except for events No 4 and 11 and I will be tweeting my updates each day so you can catch them on my blog, facebook, twitter and of course

The main events from this years GUKPT’s are also being covered by:


Newy said...

Nice to know ur still alive. R u still fat? I put on 6 lbs since i started my diet :( Gud luck down London, Hope to read a brag post soon.