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1st Feb
After being hopeful that Villa could at least bag a point up at Old Trafford – my hopes are dashed when that fat potato head Rooney slotted one home after just 50 seconds. United go 2 up before half time and the game looked over.

Bent, our new £24m signing looked stationary for long periods and of the 20 balls aimed at him he only managed to bring 2 of them down and when he did win a ball he immediately passed the ball back instead of turning and running at the united defence.

When he wasn’t involved in anything he was waiting for a bus on the half way line. Bent’s goal in the 58th minute was a simple slot in from a Stuart Downing cross who in my opinion was Villa’s man of the match - Bent seems to be a lazy git so we’ll have to wait and see on that one, while Carew who has gone to Stoke was firing and working on all cylinders.
United bagged another goal around 70 minutes and the game was over for the Villa.

2nd Feb
I’m asked to be the third player profile on the AWOP player profile page. I’m sent a questionnaire from Rick Gilby. I was very honoured to be asked and have my page alongside Jake Cody and Neil Rutter.


4th Feb
Made my way over to Nottingham for the £50 1rebuy/add on at DTD although I didn’t really get going and was soon back in my hotel room trying to get a score or two on-line and managing a couple of min-cashes

5th Feb
I play the super sat at the dtd club at 1pm and don’t last long after the break – I go back to the hotel for an hour to watch some footy and then head back to the club for the 5pm start – I miss the start but am on the reserve list and I am soon seated. I make the first break but am eliminated soon after when I get called down on every street holding 9T suited and catching flush and straight draws on the 478 flop, I barrel every street eventually getting called on the river by A8.
I eventually crash out with Jacks v an overpair on a ten high flop.

I make my way back to the hotel and again fire up stars and laddys and open up Genting in order to keep me occupied while I got deep on starts and Ladbrokes. I min cash again on both sites but also manage to bag a seat into the Stoke £150 the following day around 2.30am for the princely sum of £15 in the graveyard freezeout on Genting.

6th Feb
So my plans of playing the £100 F/O 6 max game at DTD with £15k guaranteed are scuppered as I’ve won this seat into the £150 Stoke game with £4k added to the pot. – I leave my hotel in Nottingham getting to Stoke for around 12.30am for the 2pm start. A free Sunday roast and some spare time to nip over the road and get some shopping in.

My first table is pretty soft with no real threats on there, I suffer a couple of early dents and am soon down to 3.5k from my 10k stack after failing to get a couple of bluffs through. Our Table is first to break being table number 1 and my new table again is a pretty soft table with no dominating figures on there.

At the end of level 7 with around half of the 232 runners already dispatched I find myself on ave 15k chips and again just after the break I am moved again and find myself short stack on my new table so a good place to be if I’m looking for a double up. I am soon up to 30k and am moved again on to a new table. Mark McCluskey and Mick Ahearn were seated to my left.

My very first hand I open for 2400 blinds 500/1k with pocket aces, button pushes for 7.5k and then the sb jams over the top for around 19k – easy decision from my 30k holding and my pocket aces hold up v QQ and JQ and I’m up to 60k.

The game quickly degenerates into a crap shoot with the ave at 12bb’s with 30 odd people remaining and stays that way till we are final table – I have to get lucky on at least a couple of occasions after shoving and getting called but lady luck stayed with me and saw me through to final table. 10 left, 2.3m chips in play and I’m chip leader with 396k although the ave was at 235k and the blinds at 10k/20k/2k so very little play available although I figured if I could keep out of trouble till we were three handed then the game would open up a bit and we could perhaps start to play a bit of poker and I may have an edge.

Plenty of open shoves and calls and we are quickly down to 5 spots, play dry’s up a bit as the bb/ave ratio started to widen a little. I get heads up with Phil Rice a Liverpool lad I believe and knock back a deal with the payouts at £7k for 2nd and slightly over £13k for first, I imagined that the battle would continue for another ten minutes or so but after 40 minutes I stated to think it could go either way.

Phil was not as easy as I thought it was going to be, I had pocket aces twice, min raised and got no action from Phil, twice I open raised with pocket pairs, got re-raised and laid them down and Phil showed me bigger pairs.

Final hand saw me limp from the small blinds at 40/80k Phil raised an extra 175k and I flatted, flop comes down 959 check/check 7 on the turn and Phil leads for 150k, I tank and with the stacks almost level I decide that he doesn’t lead with a 9 and I think he may have A5 or similar, after tanking I decide to jam all in, when Phil goes into the tank I now feel safe that I’m ahead and I’m convinced his got the 5 or possibly holding a 7 I’m just hoping he aint got me kicked – he eventually calls and flips 78, he’s got 3x8’s he can hit to win, a 7 9 A K or Q for the chop – however a deuce on the river and we eventually shake hands after a quick count.

8th Feb
Looking forward to chilling out this week with the Pokerstars UKIPT festival at DTD this weekend fast approaching.

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