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No updates after the first break from me mainly because I exited around the end of level 4 being eliminated 235th/306 (meaning an overlay of around £8,000

I’m on the small blind holding two black eights when there is a raise to 475 in the cut off +1, cut off calls as does the button, I hump it up to 2100, original raiser calls and the rest fold, flop comes J97 rainbow and I figure a good flop for me so I lead out 1125 and oppo makes it 2300 so I get it all in putting him on two over cards and sure enough he call the extra 5200 with AT turn is a 9 and the river is a J to counterfeit me. NH WP £336-

In the afternoon Super Satellite I spend a total of £65 and am going along quite nicely when I get moved tables and find myself on the same table as Vaidas Siriunas – I don’t play a hand for an orbit when I pick up pocket kings on the button, Vaidas raise’s in early position to 625 @ 150/300 level so I hump it up to 2250 from my 9k stack, Vaidas calls, flop comes 389 rainbow and I’m happy with the flop, Vaidas checks to me so I put in a weak bet of 1650 looking for him to come over the top, it works a treat and he makes it 3400 to go to which I insta shove for a total bet of 6750, knowing he’s been trapped Vaidas calls the extra 3350 and flips 6x7x the dealer then puts a 5 on the turn and a 5 on the river. GG NH £65-

Today at dtd there is a £150 +£18 F/O with £30k guaranteed and a 2pm start time. might just have a bash as this could be my last live game before Marrakech with the Mad Turk.

Below is a list of the runners remaining in the £300 main event along with their chip counts –
Be nice to see Micky “The Legend” Wernick with a substantial cash – and a massive good luck to so many other people that I know – I hope the poker gods run with you today.

Player Chip Count
Nathan Lee 167800
Richard Sheils 162800
Steven Brennan 158500
Michelle Bennett 139900
Nicolas Mclellan 105000
Paul Bampton 102000
Chris Gavriel 99800
Michael Vassiliou 90000
Sarfraz Ali 87500
Mark Mckinney 74400
Kevin Spencer 74100
Mohammed Ifzail 74100
Barry Neville 73200
Anonymous 68700
David Sutherland 68400
Paul Williamson 67500
Ramazanali Abbassi 65500
Simeon Anderson 61300
Alistair Carins 59200
Stuart Brownson 58300
Adham Harker 57300
Garry Underwood 55900
Michael Wernick 55600
Mark Wagstaff 52800
Mazhar Latif 52100
Luke Davies 50400
Neil Lawrie 48500
Dave Buckland 47300
Mohsain Harjuda Nik 45700
Karen Docherty 45500
Richard Whiteley 44000
Dennis Troake 41500
David Johnson 40800
John Bousfield 40200
Weswell Ellis 40100
Mohammad Faisal Khan 40100
Paul Zimbler 39000
Alex Goulder 37100
Christos Kyprianou 34400
Akshay Reddy 33200
James Moult 32000
Matthew Sheils 29500
Dennis Page 29300
Harvey Butters 29200
Jonothon Butters29100
Robin Fisher 29100
Adrian Reynolds 24600
Chris Cooper 20100
James Morris 18600
Rory Andrews 16300
Steven Chennells14200
Osman Erdal 14100

Villa played well enough against the blades yesterday to ensure that the French twat keeps his job for another week at least – Hodgeson gets the sack and Dalglish gets the nod—you heard it here first, ages ago.


Anonymous said...

In the sat you say 5 on turn 5 on river do you not have bigger full house??? or was it 6 on the river?? i assume thats what you mean??

Steve H. said...

Not sure what your on about here mukker???