on 10:33

Another Christmas scene as I pull my bedroom curtains back and see all the fresh snow.

Today I make my way over to Nottingham’s DTD for the weekends £300 Deepstack with £100k guaranteed and a first prize of around £30k. I’m expecting in excess of 300 runners and not much of an overlay, if any at all.

Given the shit weather we been having recently I decided on booking a hotel for the weekend which will give me a chance to chill out tonight and play the £50 with 1 rebuy allowed, also tomorrow (Saturday) at 1pm they are running a live super sat into the £300 main with 10 seats guaranteed – 16 minute blinds, so a good chance to get a seat for the February deepstack as I already have a seat for this months deepstack having won three seats on-line, receiving the funds for two seats back into my account (obv brag post).

Staying in a hotel with gym facilities so I got no reason for not putting in a run on the treadmill or a good swim and sauna.

Best get my ski’s on ;-)


Mark McCluskey said...

Please stop winning satellites - there will be no seats left for the rest of us

Wildcat said...

Best of luck with it, and Happy New Year :)