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UK’s Fattest Bastard – not quite -but….

This is the result of playing poker for the last three years….

3 stone gained from sitting at the felt or the virtual felt, eating far too much and doing far too little exercise.

My goal is to get down to 12’6 by April 30th and then maintain that weight.

I plan to do this by following a rigid eating pattern, cutting out a lot (not all) fatty foods – eating smaller portions, eating more veg and fruit.

I intend to have a better sleeping pattern and only playing the on-line games that I want to play rather than playing for the sake of playing.

I am also starting a new exercise regime that will consist of gym workout, swimming, golf, running and boxercise.

Today I am going for my first course of treatment of Colonic hydrotherapy as so many people have voiced their merits for this service that I’m willing to give anything a go once.

I will try to show my progression every two-weeks


Foxy said...

Good Luck Steve, I've come to the same conclusion also and joined fat club... sorry Slimming World this week, have to shift a couple of Stone also!

Newy said...

LOL. Welcome to the club chubby. C ya at the tables soon if u can fit in ur chair...

ROSSI said...

alright steve

yr 2nd toe larger than your big toe!!????!!!....celtic origins or descended from royalty apparently!!!

GL with the diet

Anonymous said...


Steve H. said...

I wish so Rossi, although I did support Celtic as a kid as well as supporting the Villa, so thats where it probably comes from ;-)