on 09:54

So my New year has started and I find myself willing the Baggies (West Brom) on against Man Utd but realized that this is fruitless when Peter Odemwingie missed a penalty to take the lead – not long after the Manc’s had made it 2-1 in their favour. Man U had taken the lead from a header from Rooney (Potato head) and James Morrison levelled the scores at 1-1 with a blast from 20+ yards.

So after watching the match, I settle down to watch Dr Who - but soon realized after about 2 minutes with Bernard Cribbins playing Wilfred that I’d seen this last Christmas or was it the Christmas before – anyways, I was chilling out before making my annual new years day journey to Grosvenor’s Walsall J10 Casino, recently modified – upgraded to a G Casino.

The competition is a £200 + £20 Freezeout wirh a £20k Guaranteed, I’m number 70 on my ticket with around 15 minutes left to officially buy in and typical of Walsall we don’t actually get under way till around 5.35pm – The new card room has 10 tables in there with all the monitors but unfortunately for me I’m outside on table 11 seat 4 squashed between Mr Scotney and Mick Corrigan.

We’re only 7 handed so I ask the dealer to balance the table as I really cant get in to the table – and considering I’ve paid a £20 reg fee I expect a dealer and a seat – the dealer just looks at me and say’s that he cant cause other people might be joining the table soon –

Three times I ask him and three times he looks at me like I just got out of Dr Who’s phone box – don’t tilt I whisper to myself so I make some comment about reminding myself that although its now a “g” I am after all still down at Walsall and why should I expect any difference to last year or the year before. also on my table are Tex and Big Gaz and on the table next to me is Mad Turk and Amir.

I get off to a good start getting up to 21k from a 10k starting stack without having to go to showdown although I was probably ahead in all three big hands I was involved in. Our table then gets joined by Tim Slater, who joins us with around 13k halfway through level 3. He was moaning that he didn’t particularly want to get moved as he was on Anthony Kennedy’s (AK47) table and he was spewing.

Limp in middle position so I limp into a pot on the button with Th6h and the small makes up and the BB (Tim) checks his option, flop comes Qh9hJd checks round to me so I bet out 450 into a 600 pot and the BB makes it 1700 to which I call, turn is the 7h, Tim checks to me so I lead for 1550 and Tim pops it to 3800 – I figure he’s got the straight so I put him all in and he eventually calls with a King High flush – drawing dead I find myself down to 6500 with 15 minutes left of level three, I tell myself I can get back up to my starting stack and to keep composed.

Two hands later and I raise in late position with AQ to 525 (75/150 level) Tim (sb) calls as does the BB (Paul Jackson’s son) flop comes down a Q high 4x 7x rainbow board, bb leads out for to which I just flat – not certain if he’s flopped 2 pair I elect to call his 1125 bet, T on the turn and it checks round, I then hit my ace on the river and BB now lumps it all in, another 6200 leaving myself with 350 if I’m wrong, I’m not putting him on the straight KJ but I also know he’s capable of bluffing this spot – I call and he flips pocket fours, all in blind on the next hand and I exit just before the first break after being in a good position.
I start the new year off feeling like a tit, lets hope that’s not a sign of things to come for 2011.

Villa play away at Chelsea today so I’ll not be expecting any points from that match and I hope that it’s not too long before we see the back of Gerard Houllier, He’s had more than enough matches now and proved that he cant motivate the players that we got so perhaps he should go now and Kevin McDonald come back – but get rid of the Frenchman as he’s proved he no longer process’s the skills required for the job, if he stays there then we will end up in the relegation zone and that’s for sure.

DTD deepstack my next “live” with a £100k guaranteed prize pool.

Good luck fish ><(((((0> . . . .