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No point in crying over spilt milk!!! – that’s what they say aint it

Twice yesterday I got unlucky after getting my chips in the middle in a favourable position – twice I got desperately unlucky, twice it was considered to be fairly deep in the competition and twice the lucky fuckers went on to win fuck all after being in a good position, so whats new about all this and why am I chucking my toys out of the cot?

It wasn’t the first time that either of them got lucky against me before and went on to donk the chips off…History repeating itself

First situation was in the £150 + £18 Freezeout at DTD, £30,000 guaranteed and just 148 runners make up the field meaning almost £8000 in overlay for the 2nd time in two days with the main £300 event short of about the same amount.

I struggle for the first 3 hours or so but then get up to around average chips when I get moved tables and find myself on Willie Tan’s table, He is chipped up, I also recognise a couple of other players on the table – Immediately on my right in between me and Willie is a player called Daniel Morgan who I reckon is probably still too young to play Vegas and probably only ventured out of his bedroom about twelve months ago.

Daniel Morgan who I first came across at one of the UKIPT games has a habit of not giving up his small blind when it folds round to him, obviously trying to make up for his small posture on the chair he likes to make himself look bigger on the table with his aggressive play – so table notes in hand and Willie on my button when it’s my BB and I’m hopeful of a double up from either one of these players. – in the last hand before the break and I’m under the gun+1 and it’s Willie’s BB when I find 2 black kings at 400/800 level so I hump it up to 1950 hoping that Willie will come over the top – this fails and everyone folds giving me a total of 19100 at the break with 56 remaining out of the 148 starters.

2nd hand after the break and the blinds are 600/1200/100 and it folds round to Morgan who has me covered with around 25k and he decides to open jam for the whole lot – I look down and find AsKs and know this kid is making a move so I make the obligatory call – shit he says and flips 97off, we got a 40k pot with the ave at 25k and a good chance for me to make serious progression if I can take this hand down, king on flop with two hearts, heart on turn and heart on river and you guessed it a 7 high flush for boy wonder, Marvellous, I exit in 55th spot at around 6.30pm and so decide to put my foot down and see if I can make it home for the GUKPT sup sat at 8pm – Boy wonder went on to finish 28th so hardly put my chips to good use. NH WP

I get home in time for the £250+£22 sup sat for the main event GUKPT with 4 x £1070 seats guaranteed – just 14 runners make up the field so a good chance of getting a ticket – we start 7 handed and Jeff Kimber is on my starting table and in good position to steal my blinds, also on my table is a reg from Luton, not sure of his name but he plays under the username of Jaaaaaaack on blue sq, he reminded me once how he made a bad call with AQ after I had told him that I have AK and obv got lucky when we were deep, eliminating me and then failing to make the cash – well he’s on my right too, so again I’m in a good position to pick up some chips, just thirty minutes into the game and with the blinds at 20/40 and Jaaaaak raises to 120 utg to which I flat utg+1 with KQo as do 3 others, 5 to the flop of 29K rainbow and both the small and big check while Jaaaaak leads for 300, I raise it back to 600 and it folds to Jaaaaaaack who elects to flat call, Q on the turn and Jaaaaak decides to check he as he aint got a clue where he is in the hand with a straight and all other combinations out there now, I jam my remaining 1900 into the middle and he still calls with pocket aces, fair enough I say to myself, “he’s probably put me on AK” anyways Jaaaaak gets luuuuucky and catches a deuce to counterfeit my two pair, exiting me in 14th spot and put himself in a good position for a seat you would think – NO, Mr Jooooooker crashes out in 10th spot NH WP FML
I then decided to play the Sunday Million on Stars which was probably not a good decision as I was still steaming..... well played me $215-

Marrakech is my next live venture… good luck


cashbiatch said...

unlucky steve, hopefully all will come good at your next outing! nice to see you at weekend, blue is definitely your colour!!
no doubt see u online tonight smashing up the satellites - leave my BB alone :) xx