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After playing all last week in Coventry, final tabling in the first event £200 F/O and chopping it up for £2000 each 4 handed, picking up a further 16 points in the GUKPT league, meant I had to cash again in the remaining events if I wanted to leap frog Andrew purser, Leon Bui and Neil Channing.

In the £300 F/O on the Thursday night I got unlucky after calling in late position with 3c4c with Dave Colclough and 1 other in pot flop comes 56A Dave leads out, folds round and I flat, 7 on the turn with 2 clubs on board and I’m made up, Dave leads, worried that he’s got a bigger flush draw I min raise back, Dave 3 bets and I 4 bet shove, Dave reluctantly makes the call and flips pocket 5’s for the flopped set but a shed full of outs…5 on the river and I’m not getting any points tonight.

Friday night and it’s the £150 F/O and again I’m on DC’s table. I get shortstacked quite early after calling a raise with three different pairs and missing every time, I eventually make some aggressive play with AQ shoving on the turn with two over cards and a massive flush draw losing to a flopped 2 pair.

With the result fro the Wednesday night it guarantees me 6th place spot in the GUKPT rankings bagging me £1500 in the process

I arrive in Coventry slightly late for the 2pm start in the Champion of Champions main event but have only lost a few chips from my 25k starting stack, end level 4 and I’m down to 23k being on a fairly nitty table, 40k end level 8, end of day one and I’m on 56k and in the middle of the field of the returning 25 players from the 153 starters.

I have a 120 mile round journey from the casino to my home and back although the 8 hours that I had at home I didn’t manage any sleep, weather it was something that I had eaten or just my flu bug coming back I just couldn’t sleep or hold anything down, I actually thought at one point around 9.30 in the morning that I might not go back for day 2 – A trip to Tesco’s for some remedies and although not fighting fit – strong enough to sit at the table push, push, push..

I didn’t get the chance, I was completely card dead for an eternity managing to steal just two sets of blinds before sneaking into the money, just as the bubble burst I asked for a new deck as I was on the button – very first hand and I find AJ clubs in the hole to which I shove my short stack and the BB Debbie Masson found the snowmen in the hole and I commented that I had two-overs and tbh with the bubble gone I was pushing anyway – I got my call and a very much needed double up when I flopped a jack, I was to return the favour to Debbie at least a couple of times over the next few hours.

I then got a double up off Jeff Kimber with K7 against his JQ this hand put me up to 130k and I didn’t really look back from here, I was card dead for around the first hour or so on the final table and eventually pushed my stack of 15BB all in pre into Ali Mallu’s bb when I had A5 suited and Ali woke up with AJ – a 5 on the flop and I’m up to 600k

Zak Miller is running the show and what a great job he does – Phil the Tower and he’s team from awop are there covering the event and I’m getting so many messages of good luck coming from loads of people and this in turn spurns you on that you want to go as deep as you can to impress the viewing public. I also had over 120 text messages to me over a 4 hour period wishing me well although I didn’t get most of these till it was over as the phone was on silent so I could focus on the game in hand.

I get heads up with Luke Fields and have a commanding 2/1 chip lead, I get so many big hands early on and cant temp Luke to shove with my weak bets when I’m holding the absolute nuts, The chip advantage changes hands a couple of times and with the chips almost level albeit 60k from a 1.6 million in play we catch a typical race Luke with QQ and me with AK – all in pre and we are now flipping for the Title of Champion of Champions – I have never yelled so much under my breath AKAKAKAKAKAKAK but nothing comes and Luke picks up the title along with a purse of £44,000 while I go into the runners up enclosure and bag just over £30000 for 2nd spot – My backers from early on in the season will be happy with their 7 fold return on investment – although I am gutted at not bagging the Title and maximum money.

The G Casino Coventry is a fantastic venue and managed superbly by Paul Davies and Quentin who both used to run the Walsall Casino – They also have a good card room manager in Ruben who does his best to accommodate the players needs.

This was the final event in this years GUKPT tour and the full schedule for next year should be out soon and the changes that will take place – certain pro’s have slagged it off and said that it wont survive and will be dead within 12 months because of the Pokerstars tour – I for one think that it will be around for a long time to come as well as the APAT tour, Gala Tour and of course the deepstack’s at DTD so long as they all get marketed properly and effectively.

For all the messages of support that I received over the weekend via, AWOP, Facebook and the Nutz TV – thank you, they mean the world to me.

Villa to hopefully spank Liverpool tonight….


TEAMDOBB said...

well played mate some canny run of results built up this year.

GLGLGL into 2011

Dave "Bruce" Lea said...

Great Blog, great read, great Result.

Villa have no chance tonight ;-)

FezioJnr said...

Congratualtions. A great end to the year in which you've seemed to work very hard and certainly put in the live volume. Well deserved mate.

Best of luck for 2011 :D :D

Wildcat said...

Wow, great result, congrats!

Fenix35 said...

Great score Steve, Congrats!