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After making final table in the Brighton Marina Christmas Cracker main event I am gutted as I have James (Flushy) Dempsey immediately to my left hand side and he has a mountain of chips compared to my 60k.

I knew that picking my spots was going to be tough with James to my left – mountain of chips and open raising 70% of most pots.

I eliminate the first two players and get a healthy stack in front of me – play then tightens back up for around 40 minutes.

We then lose another player after I button raise and am forced to call for another 9 x bb with my small ace and I surprised to see that I’m ahead v KQ – I stay ahead and we are down to 6th spot – a savour is asked for but as we are already paying 15% of this small field I knock back the idea as does Flushy, who is 2nd lowest in chips at this point.

Flushy then eliminates the bubble and first hand we have a three way all in – we lose another player – then Flushy exits in 4th spot and almost straight away 3rd spot is broken when he limps in with aces’s on the button, I make up the small with 45o and the big checks – 567 flop – check/check pot sized bet so I call and the bb folds – 5 on the turn, I check and button jams – I insta call with the trips while he flips ace’s and has two outs that fail to appear.

Heads up and I lose a massive pot 2nd hand in when I’m holding two black 8’s after a raise/re-raise/4 bet pre flop call – I get check raised on the flop to which I call but I have to bail out after a 4th heart hits 4th street and he leads out with a big bet.

Even in chips – we chop the money leaving some money for the staff and both of us having a reasonable pay day – 4 hands later and I am on the small with pocket 4’s, I limp to the bb and he raises to 40k, I’ve announced all in before he’s even put the 40k in – he thinks momentarily and then makes the call with AdKd – I have him just covered and I am given one hell of a sweat—board comes Qd 8d Qs Th and my oppo is drawing to something like 22 cards on the river – a brick comes on the river amazingly and I can now get on the road for my 4 hour journey home.

The Rendezvous are holding their January sales festival at the end of January – they really need to do something with their numbers for the journey to be worth the trip – The card room staff and management are trying their best – they just need some vision from the powers that be to put some guarantee’s on and get the punters back in there and fast – good luck to them cause without doubt The Rendezvous is one of the nicest casino’s in the UK

Satellites on line tonight and tomorrow night for the Monte Carlo event on Friday at DTD, £1090 buy in with a £200,000 pot guaranteed – Sat’s are 30 euro rebuy’s with 5 seats guaranteed. Wednesday and Thursday nights there are two live sats at the club that are £50 rebuy’s with 10 seats guaranteed each night…This is going to be the the one to win with a potential £65,000 first prize – need to step my game up

Good luck ….


rubbish said...

Top bombing Steve.

mick corrigan said...

nice one steve ur running well m8 i qualified on ladbrokes poker cruise last night so well happy to have a week in the sun....mick c

Amatay said...

Congrats Steve

Anonymous said...

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