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After having had a good weekend at Coventry I decided to make the trip down to the Brighton Rendezvous Casino down at the Brighton marina for the Christmas Cracker festival.

So after a good chill out on Monday and Tuesday on Wednesday I make the 4 half hour trek down the M40/M25/M23 and check in at my usual hotel

Wednesday 8th night is a £150 + £15 PLO event – not being much of an Omaha player I know that I got a strong hand when the flop comes down KTT with me holding KKAQ a jack on the turn and even though it’s pot limit I manage to get it all in v a hand holding TJQK – I figure I must be an enormous favourite till my oppo hits a TEN on the river….Ho Hum I chuck a further £85 at a sup sat into the main event but am out shortly after the first break

Thursday 9th is the £150+£15 (5k) with one add on or rebuy (10k) for another £150 so effectively a £315 15k freezeout, I make the first break with ave chips and the second break with ave – however first hand of the 6th level and I raise in early position and the button moves all in, I call for 60% of my stack and I’ve run into pocket tens but fail to improve – I then get it all in 3 hands later with pocket tens into pocket 7’s and a 7 on the turn seals my fate.

Friday 10th night is a £200 + £20 Freeze out one day event – I’m doing ok and make the first break with above ave chips – first hand back after and I’m in the cut off with KcTc so I raise to 875 with the blinds at 150/300 – BB makes it 1850 to go – I’m not putting him on a big made hand so elect to call as I’m in position, flop comes down Ten high with 2 clubs, bb checks to me so I lead for 4k from my 18k remaining and he check raises me all in – I tank for a short while and figure I still got outs even if he’s got ace’s and I elect to call – he’s holding AT and I fail to improve

Saturday 11th I’m actually thinking about withdrawing because of the crap turnout for the festival – but decide to stay and see if I can get a result in the £550 main event – just 35 runners turn up for the main event creating a pot of £17500 – 15k starting stack and a 1 hour clock.
At the first break I’m just above ave with around 19k and just 2 exits
At the 2nd break I’m on 35k with the ave at 24k but we’re down to 22 runners
3rd break and I’m on 60k with the ave at 32k and 16 runners left
With it paying down to 5th spot the card room manager tells us that it will be the last two levels of the day and play has really slowed down.
End of day one and we’ve got just 12 runners left, average chips is 43k and I think I’m a slight chip leader on 108k, James (Flushy) Dempsey is still in the mix and along with Jim Wood is my biggest threat.

Sunday 12th Play starts later today at 3pm with a first prize of £7000 for the winner…

Fingers crossed…. lets lick that rock...


Foxy said...

Good Luck Steve, bring it home (along with a stick of Rock for me :))