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Quick blog update as I got told off last night when I checked into my hotel in Blackpool (The Berkswell) for not keeping the blog updated.

31st October
Villa had a dismal draw against the arch enemy (Birmingham Shitty) who we again face down at St Andrews later in November in the league cup and I expect a better result there given that Emile “Donkey” Heskey is out injured to at least the New Year.

I played the £100 side event at the Edinburgh leg of the British masters and crashed out early enough to get back to the hotel and play the Sunday million on stars, getting deep but not deep enough to cash… Highlights of the £100 side event was getting bashed to fuck by this old dear who must have been Mrs Doubtfire’s double and the worst thing about it was that she was/is such a terrible player – the low point of the game was when this lad in a red hoody “Noob” reported me and Danny Herron for texting each other “in between hands” – we had a table warning and after the break they tried to split us up but this was sorted out by me allowing “Big John” to have a look at the contents of the texts and he assured the rest of the table that we deffo wasn’t colluding. Noob bust out shortly after the break when trying to force a shortstack to pass by bluffing away on a 5678 board he thought he was putting this lad all in but infact the lad had a 5k chip at the bottom of his 500 chips and in fact had noob covered – worse to come for noob who had a flush draw and two overs was that the old boy had pocket 4s, ho hum – perhaps he should change his name to “knob” after all.

Hopefully, after having a chat with Mark O’Donnell I am confident that the tour will go ahead next year – I just hope that we hear something confirmed sooner rather tan later as Pokerstars have already launched their dates for next year while G Casinos (GUKPT) have provisionally got all their dates and festivals sorted and will be confirming it to the public soon. Dusk till Dawn will obviously be watching both of these closely and will be filling up the rest of the free weekends with £300 deep stacks and possibly a new monthly event also slotting in the diary somewhere.

1st November.
I get my flight back to Brum and am seated next to this lad called Joe originally from Sutton Coldfield but now living in Edinburgh, I tell him that I’m a poker player from Ironbridge and he cracks up as his brother Paul lives in Ironbridge and is getting into poker – Small world…
Get back home for around 1pm with the flight being on time and decide to make the most of the nice sunny day and get 9 holes of golf in although with the low sun and all the leaves on the course I decided it was very probably going to be one of the last knocks I get in this year.

2nd November
Michelle’s birthday and I get to spend the whole afternoon with her having a right good chill out in the Great Hay Country Club Leisure Centre, we seemed to have the pool, sauna and steam rooms all to ourselves. I have an on-line final in the evening for the league play off for the Coral final sponsored table taking place on Monday 8th November at the AWOP HQ in Blackpool which also coincides with the £200 side event at the Blackpool GUKPT.

I lasted just 4 hands busting out having played just two hands against James Gray “jambo” after I flop top two pair on a 789 flop which gets worse for me when the 10 comes on the river and James leads out, I pay him off and he has JK for the straight, two hands later and I three bet a three way limped pot to gat called again by jambo who checks the flop to me, I got top pair and pot bet the flop hoping to loose both callers but jambo shoves over the top on this flush drawing board, mark English folds and I make the call for my tourney to find that I’m drawing dead when he flips his pocket 4’s for the flopped set. Mark English went on to win the final and will therefore be playing in the grand final play off that consists of the following players:
Dave Harris: CBMPT Bristol champion
Ross Johnson: CBMPT Leeds champion
Mark McCluskey: CBMPT Liverpool champion
Lam Trinh: CBMPT Nottingham champion
Dom Mahoney: CBMPT Teesside champion
Jonny Denton: CBMPT Edinburgh champion
Mark Trett: tour top money winner
Mark English: Online league champion

The final stage of the CBMPT will be the end of season play-off*. This will take place at 20:00 on the November 8, 2010 and can be watched live on thenutz.tv

Friday 5th November
I make my way up to Blackpool for the GUKPT main event super satellite, 10 seats guaranteed and it just about makes the guarantee – although I’m not certain as I’m out first hand after the break when I limp m/p with KT clubs 200/400 and get raised by the button to 1000 flop comes down Q high with 2 clubs on board, I check and the button bets 1000 (8000), I tank and decide that I’ll try and take it down here and push my remaining 7k over the line, button thinks but eventually calls flipping TT which holds up and it’s an early night back at the hotel, I manage to cash on Blue Sq and cover my ex’s for the day.

6th November
Early start for me as I’m heading over to Nottingham DTD from Blackpool, Teresa and Phill look after me as usual and after a hearty breakfast I’m on my way. The roads are clear and I make it to Nottingham for around 12.30 that gives me time to knock up this quick post. £300 deep stack today with £100k guaranteed although I’m not really expecting there to be an overlay – the new satellite schedule on line has seen a phenomenal amount of runners just lately with the last two on-line sats both giving out in excess of 18 seats each.

I’ve already bagged a seat at tomorrow’s £4k added event at Circus Casino Stoke for the princely sum of just £15 so I don’t intend to be hanging around today – with a first prize of around £32k I intend to get chipped up and put the pressure on or go home and get some sleep. Good luck if you are playing today.

If you are going to Blackpool for the GUKPT and haven’t got a hotel booked yet then try these two links, both within a two minute walk of the Casino, free parking and VFM – get in there fish….