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11th November (Thursday)
Villa managed a last grasp win over the mighty Blackpool even though Ian Holloway had made 10 changes and now may face FA action for fielding an inferior side, PMSL – are the FA for real – this inferior side almost pulled off a magnificent win.
I played the £100 side event at the G Blackpool – getting down to the last 30 or so busting out with JJ v AJ with an ace on the turn, win this hand and I’m up there with the chip leaders…

12th November (Friday)
Once again I play the £100 side event and again I get deep – Blackpool is fast becoming an unlucky venue for me

13th November (Saturday)
£300 side event and I start off really shit – going down to the felt in the very first level when I try and push a bluff through after betting out on every street getting called by third pair and a flushing and straighting board I manage to gain some composure and chips and build my stack back up to join the chip leaders by midnight. I eventually bust out around 24th and just short of the money after I push with top two pair on the flop with my oppo drawing 4 to the flush.

14th November (Sunday)
£100 Bounty side event and although I got off to a really slow start, things look up for me after the first break. I am soon one of the chip leaders and getting a nice collection of £25 chips for the scalps that I manage to take out – I bust out around 25th after two insane hands with two welsh lads – I wont relive the hands as they may just tilt me up – I can only imagine that my quip about them having wool on the end of their knobs some half hour earlier set the mad aggression play that I received later on.

Dave Johnson went on to win the Main event and springboard himself well ahead of Ali Mallu in the rankings – He also took down the 10% game on the Monday night and I think this will seal his win of the league as I think it will require at least 1 or even 2 wins at the London Vik by his closest rivals next week.

15th November (Monday)
Got home from Blackpool and just had a chill out really, failed to play either of the two games I wanted to play on DTD as I tried to reg as a let reg but the system wasn’t letting me.

16th November (Tuesday)
Had my lawn mower back from repair so thought I would give the lawns one last blast, managed to get the front cut but that was about it, the drive belt got twisted on the blade and so has to go back – but at least the front garden looks half decent.

17th November (Wednesday)
I make my way down to London – after having to find a bed and breakfast as my normal place is full. I find some cheap digs in Paddington (The Glendale Hyde Park Hotel) at £50 per night and although “Trip adviser” comments would make anyone want to avoid this place like a plague, I decide to give it a whirl and to be honest – at £50 a night – it’s acceptable really.

I get over to the Vik and pre reg for tonight’s £300 super sat (10 seats guaranteed into the £2500 main event) and the £300 Freeze out two day event that starts tomorrow. I meet up with Claire and have dinner at the Spaghetti Bowl in Marble Arch before she gets the bus home and I make my way back to the Vik for the 7.30 start. We eventually get underway for 8pm and already we have passed the overlay and we eventually make nearly 13 seats. Just after the first break I make my exit after walking/stumbling into quads.

18th November (Thursday)
After spending the day cooped up in the hotel even though I had good intentions of having a good walk around London, I make my way to the Casino stopping at some Chinese for a meal along the way. I get to the Casino for the 7.45 start time and am unlucky enough to see the lad that had quads v me on the same table. A few hands on and he loses a decent chunk of his stack when he bets the river 2500 and gets called by his oppo and inst mucks. Very next hand and I’m on the button and it his bb, 2 limpers round to me so I hump it to 1100 with pocket tens, he makes it 3k from his stack of 6800 – I figure that his on tilt so elect to call after it folds round to me, 8 high flop and he checks to me, he leads for 1100 so I put him all in and of course he flips Kings and they hold up, I get back up to 6500 and on my bb I find TT again, same lad has min raised utg+1 and has 2 callers, I make it 1100 and he flats, others fold, flop comes JJ8, I lead for 1100 he again flats, 9on the turn and I’m up and down drawing with 2nd pair, I check, he checks, a complete blank on the river and I check as doe he, I think I’m in good shape and flip my tens whilst he flips aces. Very next hand and on my sb I find pocket queens, raise to 225 with 2 callers round to me so I hump it to 1275 leaving myself 2400 behind, first raiser puts me all in – I snap and he flips AK, flop comes AK6 and I exit the table.

19th November (Friday)
I get the train at around 11.30 this morning for the journey back to Shropshire; I am playing Star City at the weekend in the Players Championship and hoping to capture the trophy pictured at the top. This is going to be a 400 runner capacity event although at the moment there are only 220 runners reg’d for this event, Genting are adding £10,000 to the prize money, 10k starting stack and a nice clock should be a good game.

Have a good weekend..

Good luck fish ><(((((O>. . . .


Anonymous said...

do you have to buy in online for the tourney in Star City

Steve H. said...

Hi there, man with no name...
All the info for the players Championship can be found here: