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6th November (Saturday)
After getting a reasonably easy starting table at dtd for the deepstack - which by the way had 459 runners and a massive £137,700 in the pot for a £300 entry fee – truly amazing, WELL DONE DUSK TILL DAWN.. I do half my stack early on when I 3bet in middle position with TJ spades, o/r calls, flop comes 8sAs9d check/550/call 9c on turn and he check/1125/call, red 6 on river and he again checks, I bet the pot of 4200 and he calls and flips queens. I get back up to 4800 at the start of level 6 when I am on the small blind 200/400 when it folds to the button who makes it 1200 to go, sitting with 4800 total and AQ I have only 1 move and shove over the top hoping that it’s a button steal or a mid pair, I get snapped off and the flop comes down AKA and I’m saying nice hand before the turn card comes.

7th November (Sunday)
I make the journey over to Circus Stoke for their £150 F/O £4000 added event and again a fantastic 291 runners making a pot of over £47000 – another mention for Rick “the luckbox” Gilby (that’s 2 in a month) who comes onto our table as a shortstack around 4500 and gets an instant double up, MBN.

I upset one of the locals who seemed to be raising the button or cut off at every opportunity – I had already negotiated with the BB that if it folded to me on the small I was going to jam the lot in “blind” – he said that if that was the case, he would call me blind. Blinds were around 400/800/100 and I’m sitting with 6700 folds to cut off and he cant help himself and leads for 2400, folds to me, I take a look and I have 4c6c I declare that this is as good a hand as any and shove my remaining stack of 6300 into the middle – folds to serial raiser, who tanks and eventually calls and says that I’m probably ahead, I say I’ll be surprised if I’m ahead, he flips A3o and I of course hit my 4 on the flop, he’s hand fails to improve and he’s left with just 4k while I’m up to the nose bleed height of 14k. This lad then loses it at the table saying “what sort of standard of play is that in a £150 comp” “how can you call with 46?” – I remind him politely that I didn’t call, I shoved and he called with a shitty A3 when he in fact had loads of fold equity – sometimes it’s pointless trying to educate some people.

I get moved to my final table just after this and although I got my stack up to 28k it was never enough, with around 60 people left I find myself on the button when the blinds are 1500/3000 and I’ve got 21500 – bloke on my right limps for 3000 from a 24k stack (he’s been doing this quite a bit) with 10200 now in the middle I look down and find A7 suited so push my entire stack in the middle, bb tank/folds bloke next to me calls effectively for his tournament with K9o - King on flop and I ask if he was pot committed – Durrrrrrrr

I get home just in time to reg for the Sunday Million on Pokerstars although I wish I hadn’t as I’m out within two hours and still smarting from my exit hand at Stoke.

8th November (Monday)
I’ve qualified for the £165 rebuy on Blue Sq for a £4000 seat into the Grand final at the Vik later this month, I get an early double up with pocket Jacks v Ts and stay out of trouble till the add on’s – I’m sitting with 6k at the add on stage and elect not to add on as there’s a couple of loose players on the table that I can pick on and chip up – It works and I am soon 2nd in chips with around 13k with the ave at 7k, I then get involved in a hand with this twat (glade..) who raise’s at the 100/200 level to 600 he has 6800 and my notes tell me that he’s a bit of a donk so I’m on the cut off with AA and I hump it up to 3000 basically committing him to shoving or folding – anyways, he elects to call and the flop comes down Jh xh xh and he instantly jam’s the est of his 3800 into the middle, I don’t have the Ah but I don’t figure him for having flopped the nut flush as why push, I call and he has KhJc, the turn pairs up with a non heart and of course the river delivers a heart, Glade went on to win a package and I hope that if I do get to play this game I’m on his table. I later got AK into A7 and I then got it in bad when I pushed with jacks into queens.
A big shout goes out for Mark English, who after qualifying for the sponsored Gala British Masters Final Table through the on-line league went on to win first prize of £10,000 sponsorship for next year, Well done mate and I hope you have as much success as last years winner Mark Trett.

10th November
I’ve made my way back up to Blackpool as tonight there is a £150 Freeze out sat into the main event with 1 seat for every 7.7 runners, If I get a seat then happy days, if not then I will stay and play the side events.. £100 F/O on Thursday (tomorrow) £100 F/O on Friday, £300 F/O on Saturday and on Sunday there is a £100 bounty competition

Villa play Blackpool tonight at Villa Park and I’m hoping for a 4-2 win to the lions.


Amatay said...

I really don't know how you manage being a full time live pro, how the fk do you do it??? You must go weeks sometimes longer without even a min cash yeh? Plus you have all the extra travel, accom expenses etc. Must be fkin hard and a real strain at time, fairplay.