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Villa playing Blues today and I am hopeful (expectant rather) of all three points staying at Villa park. Thanks to Rick Gilby for helping me out and enabling me to watch the match live and in the comfort of my hotel room – cant believe the match aint being screened live on SKY or ESPN However:

I played the main event yesterday, losing half my stack early on when Stephen Hogg pushes me off a hand on a AK7 flop after I had rr his early raise with QQ, he checks the flop to me, I bet, he calls, rag turn – he checks, I bet he tanks and reraised me for 70% of my stack, I folded.

Down to 5800 and holding AQ suited on the small when it folds round to the button (100/200) and he makes it 500, I flat call and the bb (7300) makes it 2500, button tanks/folds and I elect to call putting the bb on a small pair, Q 9 7 flop, I check and the bb makes it 2000, I shove and the bb huffs and then calls flipping KK, I tap the table and say nice hand, get up to leave the table and an ACE from space hits the turn and I’m up to just under 13k

I build my stack up to around 27k with the ave at 13500 when I take a hit of 12k with KK v AK when I fail to believe that this lad has an ace on a AA8 flop after I had 3 bet his small raise pre flop.. down to 14k, still above ave.

I then get involved with Carl (mumbles (not so much of a) rock) Williams who limps utg as does 1 other (100/200) so I three bet to 675, Carl calls. Flop comes 584 Carl checks, I bet 675, Carl makes it 1450 I reraised to 4450, Carl calls, Turn card ACE, Carl checks, I bet 4k leaving myself 4875, Carl calls, 10 on the river and Carl again checks so I push my remaining chips over the line, Carl tanks for three minutes and calls hoping that third pair is good when he flips 89 – I mucked my 96 of spades into the muck and to add insult to injury he asks to see them, Well played Carl.

Today is the £100 side event that kicks off at 2pm with a 7500 stack and a half hour clock through out. Over 100 runners expected for this encounter.

Good luck to all the players going back today for the final stages of the £500 main event – players to watch for will be Ash Hussain (always dangerous and probably the most experienced of all the remaining players) Aaron Barry (Proficient Grinder)
Tom Fielding (2nd in the money list and needs a top 3 finish) Dom Mahoney (just proficient), Judith Edwards (overdue a big score) Jim O’Connell (previous Scotland winner).

Remaining players and chip counts:

Carl Williams.......137,900

Dom Mahoney....91,900

Xiaoming Gu.........91,100

Barry Burns...........89,000

Aaron Barry...........78,600

Ash Hussain......76,900

Shaun Bennett....71,600

George Devine.......62,300

Chris Roberts......59,900

Judi Edwards.........47,600

Peter Grice........46,900

Rasmus Johannsen...42,300

Neil Norouzi.......37,800

Lewis Fowler.......36,700

Tom Feilding......35,500

Rob Gillon.............35,200

Jonny Denton.........31,300

Jim O'Conelll.......29,400

Andrew Miller.........18,900

Paul Barker...........16,000

Mark Wilson.......15,900

Good luck all and Happy Halloween!!!!