on 11:34

Another deep run in the £200 side event saw me crash out in 14th spot with it paying down to 12.
I crashed out with 55 v Mark Trett (who I’m lead to believe went on to win) who was holding J9 and raised the button after it had folded to him – well done buddy.

I had all my luck in the early stages with some massive holdings and flops coming my way.

My first table consisted of the recent EPT LONDON winner David Vamplew – who was victorious in his heads up battle with the legendry John Juanda, getting lucky a couple of times and bagging £900,000 in the process – So I wandered why was he playing a £200 side event in Edinburgh – apart from him being a local lad and he probably brought his mates in then I cant see any other reason why he would play.

I played a couple of hands with David without getting to showdown and eventually forced his exit when he raised early position to get three bet from me, he jams and I call with pocket Queens and he flips AK and declares “I’m good at these flips” Q44 flop and his luck ran out.

Today is the Main event £550 2 day event and looks like the number could be as high as 140+ so a great final turnout for the last Coral event of the year – fingers crossed that it’s not the final Coral event ever.

Good luck fish . ><((((((O>…