on 11:20


Got to the Casino nice and early so I could get something to eat. The bar menu was very limited while the menu in the restaurant, although offering el la carte dining – failed to tempt me – where is the menu that’s available in all other gala casino’s that I’ve been to? I settle for the Chicken Caesar Salad from the bar.

So the free to enter (£2 reg fee) eventually kicked off around 15 minutes late and had a total of 99 runners in the field by the time the alternates had ceased.

A 2k starting stack and you could have a total of 3 rebuys at £20 for 4k at any time regardless of stack size – the intention was to play tight/aggressive and get in for £22 if I could.

Just the one face on the table that I recognised (John Angus) and I’m seated in table4 seat5, very first hand I raise up with AJ suited to 225 and pick up 2 callers, I lead out on a Jack high flop retaining one caller at 475 however I lose this caller when I lead for 625 on the 7 turn.

Very next hand I make it 225 UTG with QQ, raised to 625 from seat 8 and then seat 1 decides to jam his 2k over the line, having them both covered I push my stack in followed by seat 8 who also turns over pocket jacks while seat 1 has AQ and I’m in good shape till the flop comes J4J


Towards the end of level one, I have JJ getting it all in pre v 99 and AQ with the flop coming down A3A


Start of level 3 I’m up to around 6k and am on the bb with JJ, seat 8 makes it 450 with a call from the button, I make it 1150 and seat 8 calls, button folds, a 9 high flop with two hearts so I decide to lead for 425, he makes it 1150 so I jam the lot in and he snaps me off with QQ


So I’ve now had all my chips and I haven’t played that badly but the reality is that I could be out before the break and in for £60 – things were not looking good, by the time the break came 25 minutes later I’m sat with above ave chips of 14800.

This however was about as good as it got, shortly after the break I get high carded into the dealer chair and I thought “why not” at least I’ll play less hands. Play less hands I certainly did – for about 2 hours I defended my bb just the once and saw my stack go the wrong side of 9k with the blinds at 800/1600, a clear field round to me in the cut off so decide to push getting looked up by the sb with A5, my KT was live but needing to hit which it failed to do so. I exited around 45th.

The play up here is fairly soft but saying that if you only raise 2.5 – 3.5 x bb then you will get the callers as they are reluctant to give up their blinds – Scottish Salmon is well and truly fresh up here and in abundance – but tangle with it at your peril.

Today is the £200 side event with a half hour clock throughout, 7500 starting stack, I reckon there will be around 75 runners tonight with around £15k in the pot, gets a bit crap shooty late on which dictates aggressive play in the middle stages.

Playing today should be James Gray, Tom Fielding, Danny Herron, Loopy, Mark McClusky, Aaron Barry, Mark English, Richard Hale, Eddie Lundon and some of the Teeside fish who get to Edinburgh early – and tomorrow looks like we could have over 120 runners as there are already 80 odd registered.

Good luck to everyone playing today…..