on 18:08

After checking in on-line and deciding to decline the seats offered to me at a cost of £6.99 each way, I am auto seated in seat 5b however with 122 seats on board this twin propeller Q400 Dash 8 plane but only 20 odd passengers it was basically a sit where you want journey.

A 55 minute flight from Birmingham to Edinburgh and one of the smoothest take off & landing that I’ve ever experienced, straight into arrivals, bus station immediately outside and a £2.50 bus to the casino, within six minutes the bus stops almost right outside the B&B which is just a two minute walk from the casino.

Looking forward to the few days ahead, my live form seems to be holding up at the moment and I’ve been making good reads when I’ve needed to and tried to eliminate getting my chips in behind – unless short obviously.

I will be tweeting from time to time tonight and my tweets go straight to my face book page as well, if you haven’t got facebook or don’t use it the you will see my tweets on my blog or you can follow me on twitter by clicking this link:

Good luck to anyone else playing tonight.