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With all the best wishes being offered to me on Facebook it was always going to be hard to get away from the fact that it was my birthday yesterday.

A warm big thank you for all the messages that I did receive – thank you all very much.

After spending the afternoon with my daughter and grand daughter, I’m invited out for a birthday meal at the Indian curry house behind Walsall Casino (Cinnamon Gardens) which always get a 10 out of 10 for Ambiance, food, quality and service.

My intention all week was to play the Club championships at Walsall on Saturday £200 F/O then mid day Thursday I got a text from dtd ref £100 F/O on Saturday with £30k guaranteed – so now I was spoilt for choice, I elected to play the £5 rebuy sat at Walsall Friday night into Saturdays £200 game, the sat had 5 seats guaranteed and eventually made 7 seats, I had planned to chuck £25 at this but ended up tilting £45 into the pot by the time we got to the add on.

Walsall is undergoing a major refurb to upgrade it to a G Casino and are ploughing somewhere in the region of £2.5 million into the place – after spending that sort of money they will need to get Zak back in there full time and get the old place back kicking with the numbers and the events that they were getting 18 months ago.

Walsall was without doubt the poker hub for the uk and being centrally placed used to get complete festivals sold out well in advance, Midlands Meltdown, Midlands Masters, Grand Prix, GUKPT – these players are still out there, they just need hooking back in – somehow.

2.00am and I manage to bag a seat into the game later and the good thing is that if I bust out early then I’ve still got till 5.15 to get over to dtd, I somehow suspect that Walsall will have no more than 25 runners tomorrow given that dtd are offering such fantastic value.

Twitter updates to follow during the day from Walsall and worst-case dtd as well ;-)

Wayne Rooney – what a waste of space, at least all the old tarts of Manchester will be pleased that he’s still there for another 5 years.

Villa to bag 3 points away to Sunderland later today – have a good weekend


James Atkin said...

Oops missed it! Happy Birthday mate.

That's cool news about Walsall!

I'm playing Grand Prix and next £300 so might bump into you soon!