on 09:05

Crashed out about 3am when I was watching/railing Paul King in the Sunday Million on stars – one of those where I’d taken a couple of pain killers and had a glass of cider as well and was drifting off in zombified state. Paul eventually crashed out 317th / 8200 runners, well done mate.

I crashed out just after the second break, I took a massive hit with Qs into AK then I got it all in with AQ v 5s – such is life.

I also got deep in the DTD 5 seats guaranteed for the GUKPT down at Luton this week, 24 runners and a massive overlay, again pocket Queens was my downfall in my exit hand v AK
;-( DOH, finished 8th for sweet FA.

Andriena Nutt (dreeniee) who came 2nd not so long back in the DTD deepstack finished a creditable 5th this month, shouldn’t be too long before she has a major score. Well done to Dan Phillips (Kinboshi) who won the main event after a 4 way chop.

Luton on this week and I’ll be trying to get down there to play some of the side events – although not really certain which if any I’ll play as I’ve got so much stuff to sort out up here.