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Having made my way over to Stanley Casino in Stoke for the 4th Anniversary on Sunday – a £150 F/O 10k stack with £4k added to the prize fund and a 30 minute clock through out. I’d heard through the grapevine that the Casino were having 32 tables on standby with 32 dealers – having played the same event last year I wasn’t expecting a “sell out” and that’s exactly what happened….

I got there for around 1.50pm for the 2pm start – car park was rammed and I had to park round the back nr the fire exits. I get to the registration desk after saying “hi” to a few people and to my surprise I’m 60th on the alternate list with 320 runners being seated – shit

I sit down talking to Garry Chatterton catching up on his Vegas exploits, Garry is 18th on the alternate list – we are joined in conversation by Ian Bryan former card room manager of Bolton G Casino, but nowadays he is seen as the lynchpin along with Zak Miller & the lovely Dena Hassan running the GUKPT festivals.

Most people are aware that Jon Raab has now joined forces with Pokerstars to build their image in the European market. Ian & co now have the unenviable task of picking up where Jon left off and trying to improve on it for next year and the following years to come.

A thankless task you might think especially in the current economic climate – but listening to Ian who is quite passionate about making it work – I was also interested in the fact that he was willing to listen to what I thought about stuff as well as asking me my opinion on several points.

I like the fact that he is keen on getting a “National dealer school” where all the GUKPT dealers will be nationally trained to at least the standard set by DTD.

I did mention that several players had already commented that with Jon leaving to take up the position at Pokerstars that the GUKPT wouldn’t survive and that Pokerstars would swallow up the GUKPT. Ian is absolutely resigned to making it work and not only keeping the tour going but improving on it if he can and getting the levels back to the first year of the GUKPT – He knows he has a battle ahead of him but I wish Ian, Zak and Dena well and I’m pleased that the tour will be for next year at the very least

Anyways… Garry got in with 30 seconds left on the clock and I had to accept that I had made a massive mistake by not booking in – in advance, I certainly will do for next year, well done Stanley Casino’s A Fantastic Turnout and a Fantastic effort by yourselves….10 out of 10
It then took me 45 minutes to get off the car park after being boxed in by several vehicles.

A massive shout for
Andy Wright who took the Stanley event down for £13k (great achievement mate) and
Ted Eames 4th for £5k

I get home and I play the Sunday Million on Pokerstars and get chipped up early, but alas I crash out about midway through the 8200 runners when my pocket 10s are no match for my oppo’s cowboys all in pre….

Some other results from the weekend worthy of note are:

Pokerstars Italian Poker Tour – Venice Leg
Toby Lewis 7th for 25k euros

Gala / Coral British Masters Poker tour
Lam Trinh - winner
Tom Fielding – 2nd (3rd final table on the tour this year)
Aarun Bernard 3rd
Dave Maudlin 4th
Julian Davies 5th
Mike Moore 6th
Danny Herron 7th


wilfuljoker said...

Unlucky not to get in Steve when Notts Coral Tour only had half its spaces filled. Shows that the sponsors have to add some decent added value to attract runners.

Fenix35 said...

Hey Steve,

I still think the GUKPT needs better online qualifiers to get the numbers back-up. Possibly doing something with full-tilt or incorporating all of the iPoker skins.

Just my 2cents!