on 01:16

GUKPT Main Event.
London Victoria
134 runners
Bust 22nd

Sometimes just sometimes this game pisses you right off, sometimes it’s the constant stream of outdraws that make you wander why the fuck you bother at all.

4 times last night I got out drawn by the same player all within one crucial hour, three of them coming on the river, two of them he taps the table and says nice hand to me after he’s outdrawn me – now I can normally take rub downs and just turn a deaf ear to them and try not to let them put me off my game or get me tilted up – and last night was no exception.

However – the final time I get out drawn, again by the same player QQ v AT with me hitting my queen on the river to give him the straight to the ace, he again taps the table and says “nice hand” followed by “I really didn’t want to win that hand” . W.T.F - this was a 75k pot with the ave at 65k and left me with 3k. I say “you didn’t want to win the hand – biggest load of bullshit I ever heard” “No seriously is the reply” FFS

I’m all in blind on the small blind as I am fucking steaming at this point, folds all the way to the bb who has to call me blind effectively and he flips T7 and I turn my blind hand over and again I massively ahead KT, flop delivers a 7 and that’s the way I run at the moment.

I fucking hate losing…Esp after running so deep, outdraw after outdraws after outdraw but I also accept that you got to win the flips when your in the deep end….

But I do hate it when someone tries to make a cunt of you, NH WP. I’d rather them just scoop the chips and shut the fuck up rather than coming out with bollocks or apologies.

.As for me, well my dummy went well and truly out the fucking pram.

With Ali Mallu taking down the £300 event at Manchester and Neil Channing still left in the Vik main event I’m getting pushed further away in the GUKPT leaderboard.

Villa fucked Everton but that was scant consolation for me really. Kevin MacDonald to get the job full time – fingers crossed.