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This is the last GUKPT summer series week of festivals and Manchester and the London Vik are the venues for these bank holiday activities.

Having spent a week over in West Wales with my daughter and granddaughter I was hoping that I had come back all refreshed.

Having already qualified for the main event at the Vik today (Sunday) I made my way down by train yesterday, Having spent the day with my other daughter who lives in London I get to the Vik for the end of the first level of the £150 + £15 freeze out super sat.

70 runners make up the field with the pot bring £30 light of 13 seats, I play quite solid poker getting very short at one point 5200 with the blinds at 500/1000 and I jam it in with TJo and run into kings, QJ84T and I get a much needed double up, I’m then coasting along in a good position with ave chips when at 1000/2000/200 level and on the bubble there is a raise to 5400 utg, I look down and find KK we are 8 handed and with 10k already in the middle I elect to take it down and shove my entire 27k into the middle, surprisingly the sb wakes up and also goes all-in having me well covered, initial raiser folds AK, sb has AA and there is no miracle king in the deck for me. Close but not close enough – although happy with my game.

Main event starts at 2pm today and is a 12k stack with a 45 minute clock throughout. This is a two day event, it would be nice to make day 2 and even nicer to make day 2 as chip leader….

Villa face Everton at 4pm at Villa Park and we are desperate for the win, I for one would like to see Kevin MacDonald get the full time job of Villa manager but for that to happen we are going to need a very convincing win over the toffees today. Kevin has been with the reserves for over ten years now and knows the youth set up inside out – but if you watch this interview with him from the BBC it’s quite clear he’s uncertain if he wants the job full time – ffs Kevin – give your head a wobble mate and put some direction in your life.



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