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Villa start this seasons campaign with the Hammers visiting Villa Park, whilst we are Managerless and also uncertain about two of our star players. – Not knowing who’s going to be the future boss and I hope to fuck it aint Erikson – O’Neil leaving has ripped the heart out of Villa Park by leaving but he has always been a man of principle – How do you replace the best once the best has gone? I see nothing more than a top half finish from the Villa this season given our current dilemma.

Good luck to Blackpool for the season ahead.

13th August (Friday)

I went down to the Donnington Sports and social club in Telford as CASINUT were holding a poker night. Peter Atwell and Lynda Woolley who run the company are responsible for setting up and marketing their company within the Telford and surrounding area.

They encourage new and upcoming poker players to come out into a live venue at the £5 - £25 tournament level, learn the game along with the rules and etiquettes – a few of the players that have started at this level have now moved onto live casino games and have infact taken a some of them down.

Peter and Lynda have quite a list of future venues if you do live within the Shropshire borders go and check them out, check out their website and give them a call – anyway, last nights game was a monthly £25 D/C/F/O 2 x 5000 chips and started at 7pm – I’d been promising for sometime to put in an appearance and didn’t think that I would go to this event as my diary was telling me that I would be in Luton playing the £1000 main event of the GUKPT – however, when your running bad and all that, I drove back from Luton after Thursday night’s £110 side event..(exit details to follow)

So I had a shit load of stuff to do on Friday but promised that I would try and get over there and help promote local poker – I get over there for just before 8pm and there’s 2 full tables and we’re about half way through the 2nd level – I take my seat and am immediately on the BB with a limp in mid position, folds to me and I find 23o so hump it to 225 (50/100 level) with the limper tank folding so I show the massive holding that I had and this would ensure action all night.

I lose half my stack chasing a flush draw and three betting a river bet hoping to push these novices around but when they are holding 2nd pair with a weak kicker your always going to be up against it. I then find pocket aces on my next bb with a limper and the small in the mix, I make it an extra 375 (525) to go at the 75/150 level and the limper starts thinking about it, I tell him “don’t call – as you’ll price the small in – I only want to steal whats in the middle”, he calls as does the small, flop comes TTQ, small checks so I jam my remaining 1800 into the 1575 pot, I get an instant call and the small folds, I’m up against TJ and fail to improve.

I then take my 2nd load of chips when I lose about 1500 chips laying down AT on a AJ6 flop after I raised pre, got flatted and then got reraised on the flop, I give the lad (Lester) a little bit of banter as I know I’m behind but am reluctant to get bluffed in the kindergarten – I show my AT holding and he flashes he’s AJ for the flopped 2 pair – down to the felt and likely to be the last on in first one out I decide to tighten up – FML, anyways on my next BB with the blinds at 100/200 level I call a raise and a call to 800 with Qh9d flop comes Kh9h6h, check/check/1k – small calls the 1k and I’m thinking that one of them has the ace of hearts and one of them may have the king – I reckon I’m probably good at this point but want to try and take it down, I’m happy to get heads up with the ace if I’m ahead with the pair, I shove for my remaining 3800, first lad who had been a rock all night folded and the small tank called eventually flipping over the bare ace of hearts, blank black 7 on the turn but the heart on the river destroys me, breaks my heart and sends me to the rail, NH GG WP

I stay and deal for a further hour getting a call from Mad Marty in the process who always sounds so cheerful telling me about a promotion to do with the Man U v Liverpool game (details to follow).

These nights are excellent value for money if you are new to poker and are a good experience as well as being a fun night out – get in touch with Pete and Lynda and find out when they are in your area. click this link for contact details:

12th August.
Made my way down to Luton for the £100 F/O side event that attracted around 100 runners, 7500 starting stack and a 25-minute clock. I’m up to around 11k quite quickly catching cards and hitting flops makes the game so easy. Start of level 2 and I’m in the hijack with pocket jacks, been a raise to 250 from serial raiser (blinds 50/100) so I make it 750 and get flatted, flop comes 743 (two hearts) and the raiser bets out for 550, I flat not wanting to see a heart on the turn and trying to control the pot and a 3c hits the turn and he leads out for 850 – I almost reraised here but elected to flat and call the river bet regardless, a 5 hit the river and he leads out for 2000 and I eventually make the call and he turns over pocket 4s for the turned boat.

Very next hand and the same player makes it 350 to go fro UTG, I insta re-raise to 850 from late position while the small blind makes it 2850, UTG folds and the action is with me, I think to myself that the small thinks I’m on tilt and making a move, he’s probably got a hand like TT or JJ and if I cant push him off then I don’t mind the race, I shove over the top for around 8k total and get looked up instantly, KK and I’m in bad shape, flop comes TJ7 with a 9 on the turn giving me an extra 4 outs which fail to come and it’s an early exit for me.

Got a busy schedule ahead now for the next few weeks, getting my house ready to rent out some rooms and just general jobs that I need to catch up on as well as going on holiday with Michelle and Crystal. I think that my next live outing could be the main event at the London Victoria GUKPT summer series £750 F/O on the 29th August (bank holiday weekend) also giving me a chance to spend some time with Claire while I’m down in London.

Have a good weekend and be lucky…….