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A massive shout and a well done to the Mad Turk (Yucel Eminoglu) who just finished 4th (16 bags) from 1,106 runners in the FTOPS (Full Tilt Of Poker Series) event 17, $200 buy in PL round of each.

Last nights DTD 30 euro freezeout into their next monthly deepstack. This was a mammoth come back after my AK ran into AK in the first level and got bust by a flush putting me down to just 480 chips from the 3k starting stack and putting me 31st of 31 runners. 2 and a half hours later I manage to bag one of the four guaranteed seats.

9th August
Made my way down to Luton to play the £200 F/O

I’m up and down like a prostitutes knickers for the first 3 levels or so and get moved tables just before the break – getting moved onto the table that included Joe Gresh, Paul Newman, Paul King and Kevin “Lovejoy” O’Leary.

On looking round the table there was three or four players on ave chips and this lad in seat 3 who probably had double what everyone else had, whilst I was there before the break he raised 3 times and took the pots down uncontested.

First hand back after the break and I’m on the BB for 200 and this lad in seat 3 makes it 500 to go, folds to me in seat 7 so I call the extra 300 as is my option with 9To, board comes 9 high x x rainbow and I fire out for 650, seat three tanks and raises to 3750 with around 11k behind him and having my break stack of 10k well covered – I figure he’s got fuck all and tank shove to which I get a snap call and he flips over aces, a few outs that don’t come and I’m off to the TV lounge.

All the news about Martin O’Neil having resigned from Villa with immediate effect, what was looking like a promising season ahead for the Villa now looks like a top half of the table could be our target – I’m pissed off that he’s gone.

It was the best thing that Deadly Doug Ellis ever done in his time at the Villa, He was without doubt “one” of the top 4 British Managers in the country – Alex (Mutd) Harry Redknapp, and Moyles from Everton being the other three,

He was the best Villa manager since Ron Saunders IMO and he was the future manager to bring the glory days back to Villa Park.

He’s gone and our dreams are gone now for at least a couple of seasons.

How / who do you replace him with – O’Neil had great faith in bringing the kids through – this was probably due to having fuck all to spend but he done a great job regardless.

Randy Lerner now has to choose the next Villa manager – who would I like to see? Well he’s a pundit on sky sports, an ex Villa player, a sweaty sock and someone that speaks he’s mind – George Graham – so he’s got no chance now that I’ve Bokked him.
P.S I hope Martin O'Neil gets a new job soon and takes that tosser Heskey with him....