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Last nights “Freeroll” at Nottingham attracted 74 runners and Gala / Coral guaranteed 6 x £550 seats for the people who did make it to the venue. I’m in for £65 total after being forced to rebuy and add on at the break after I decide to gamble with 2nd pair, two overcards and 4 to the flush – I miss and my oppo wins a nice 12k stack just before the break. I bust out around 16th, being shortstacked on the BB, the sb limps 1500/3000 so I shove with KJ for 18k and the sb thinks and then calls me, he only just has me covered and flips A3 and he’s ace holds up ;-(

I had very fond memories of Nottingham Gala as it was the scene of probably my best ever results, 2 back to back victories in three nights at the first ever Gala Great British Poker Tour (May 2007) taking down both the £200 side event and the £500 MAIN EVENT that I was only able to get into by taking down the side event as the main had sold out and the side event had a seat into the main.

I was also there two years ago (June 2008) as defending champion and was really impressed with the casino and the card room given that DTD had opened just down the road, The staff and the management went out of their way to make you feel welcome and you could sense that although there was this dinosaur (DTD) just 3 miles away, Gala Notts was doing their best to retain what customers they could..

Unfortunately – I think things have changed.

I arrived with Andrea last night in plenty of time for the 9pm start – getting there around 8.20.
We went and checked in for the game and was impressed that there was already 50 registered so took our place on the list.

We then decided to get a drink from the bar – after standing at the bar that was unattended for around 5 minutes we eventually got served to a cappuccino and a peroni and lime, she had to phone through to the kitchen for a spoon for the coffee and she then told me that there was a charge of 35p for a dash of lime!!!

At 8.35pm I ordered a Brandy snap desert of the desert menu, which consisted of brandy snap basket, ice cream and summer fruit, £3.95 and was well looking forward to it. The staff weren’t too rushed off their feet as the bar seemed extremely quiet, about ten to 9 and the barman shouts “brandy basket” I go to the bar and say yes that’s me – he then says I’ll go do it now!!!?
We get called through to the card room for the start of our game and my desert turns up around 5 minutes after the start, the barman gives me the desert and tells me I can eat it at the table, even though people have got mugs of coffee on the tables.

On sitting down at table 2 seat 3, I am greeted by this chappie in the dealer seat who informs me that I have to give him £3 to deal, realizing this was self deal, I enquired are we not dealing on the button – he says, well if you don’t give me £3 like everyone else then you can deal on the button when its your turn but everyone else has paid – not wanting to feel like an outcast or upset the natives I part with my £3.

The next 4 hours were the worst 4 hours I have ever spent in any card room in the world – There was around 12 ladies in the 74 starters and there was absolutely NO control an that card room – the constant steam of fucking and blinding was worse than being at a football match where at least they stop the cursing at half time – this was pure bad management. Swearing, sly racist comments, rule infringements, bad atmosphere and the lack of staff doing anything about it, if it had kicked off with the punters then I think they would have just let them get on with it – I am surprised so many females turned up to play in such an intimidating atmosphere.

There is no way that this casino is going to tempt punters away from DTD whilst they allow what was going on in the card room – I will find it very hard to justify going back there again and would never consider it if I was in female company.

I’m sure the festival will be a success as they have their own travelling dealers and floor staff in the shape of “Big John” from Edinburgh who certainly wont be standing for any shit from anyone, although I think the numbers will be down as there are other value added tournaments on this weekend at Walsall (Saturday, 5pm start, £10k guaranteed, £100F/O 10k stack half hour clock) and at Stoke on Sunday at the circus casino for their 4th anniversary they are having a £150 F/O and adding £4k to the pot, this will attract at least 200 runners and will be a half hour clock with a 10k starting stack – free breakfast between 11-30 and 1.30 and the game starts at 2pm.

Just to top things off at Gala Nottingham, on leaving I went to get my car park ticket authenticated and I was told that there was a £4 charge…..

Have a good weekend.


Peter said...

I think your being very polite about the place Steve.

The card room lacks any supervision and is full of tossers.

The place reminds me of a 1970's bar room "three card brag game" with a very bad atmosphere too boot.

I was there 3 weeks ago with my wife and this young man was constantly being abusive and foul mouthed at the table while the floor staff did nothing about it.

I asked this lad to mind his manners and I was to to F*** off, mind my own business otherwise they would take me outside and wait for me in the car park.

I am told that most of the people that use the card room there now are people that have been banned from Dusk till Dawn and cant get a game anywhere else.

I think that your probably right about the festival being ok as they have outside staff coming in to run it but I dont ever see the staff that are there now getting it back to how it was 5 years ago, The staff that are there now JUST DO NOT CARE.

I swore three weeks ago I would never go back there again and what you write in your blog confirms to me that I made the correct decision.

colin mctaggart said...

I was thinking all week about heading down there for the side event and after reading this im so glad i didnt.
Sounds like a fukin shambles

Tom said...

I played the Main and it was well run - there were no problems and everyone was courteous.

It's a shame to hear about your experiences. There is no need for rudeness in poker.