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Sad news to see that Alex “Hurricane” Higgins lost his battle with throat cancer at the age of just 61. Steve Davies once described Higgins as “the only true genius snooker ever had” High praise indeed. Having grown up with the likes of Steve Davies, Dennis Taylor, and Alex, then it’s easy to see why today’s snooker players just cant pull in the TV crowds the way they used to.

The main event in Dundee finally attracted 41 runners by the end of the alternate level.
I unfortunately didn’t last that long after 2 crucial hands that killed me off.

I had KK in late position first level, Jiggy player UTG raises to 175, call utg+2 so I raise it up to 725 and both players tag along, flop comes 9 5 J rainbow, both players check to me so I bet out for 1225 and Jiggy comes along with me, 7 on the turn and still no flush draw, jiggy checks so I bet out for 1850 Jiggy calls – 4 on the river and now jiggy leads out for 2450 to which I flat and he flips 97 for the turned two pair.

I get it back up to around 7k but then loose another hand when I have AJ clubs and I three bet a raise and a call pre flop, Qx 6c 4c, both check so I bet the pot of 825, both come along, blank on the turn 2d and again they both check so I bet 1250, one caller – a blank Td on the river and again he checks to me – I bet 2250 from my remaining 3800 and he snap calls me with AQ

Half hour later and I bust out – so decide to go to the Gala Dundee and play their £20 12k
deepstack freezeout.

I registered then went to get a bite to eat in town, who should, I bump in to
but Mick Fletcher, “what brings you up here Mick” I enquire as I hadn’t seem him all week at the GUKPT, “just come up today to play the main event but got caught in traffic and missed the cut off by half hour” I know Mick lives in Blackpool so that’s around 270 miles --- bit of a bad beat UL Mick

I get back to the Gala for the start of their deepstack, I sit all patient for around half an hour when I am on the BB with pocket kings, raise utg to 700 (blinds at 100/200) and he gets 4 callers, 3k in the pot when it gets round to me so I hump it up to 3500 to get rid of the rag aces, utg calls me so I figure he must have a big pair or AK flop comes Th Jh 4h – I know I got the K of hearts without the need to look as they were both red, I check and he checks behind me, 6s on the turn and I lead out for 2500 leaving myself 6k and he flats me, 4d on the river and I lead out for 4k thinking I am massive – he flat calls me and shows 74 off, I have never laughed so much at the poker table – I asked if 74o was the Dundee Hammer or something and he just looked at me with a blank expression…

Have decided to head down and play the bounty competition in Sheffield on my way back to the Midlands as I wont have so far to travel home after I get bust out.

I’ve really enjoyed my few days up here in Scotland and particularly Broughty Ferry, such a beautiful place and would have no hesitation to stay here again and at the Abertay guest house that is owned by Catherine and Karl, very reasonably priced with massive freshly cooked breakfasts and large rooms. You can follow this link to their website…..