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Made my way over to Carnoustie yesterday for the Seniors Open Golf Championship (day2).

Was breezy till about 3pm but then the clouds and the wind went and left us with sunny blue skies and temperatures of around 22, barely little wind and some names and faces from years gone by, but they can still hit a ball.

The live leaderboard can be found on this link:

I followed the group of Bernhard Langer, Tom Watson and David Frost – Langer is without doubt one of the slowest players on the seniors circuit and if he was playing poker you’d be calling the clock on him every hand – teeing off at 1.50pm I followed this match as far as I could to the green of the 15th when I decided to head back for last nights £150 side event.

Got to the casino for around 7.15pm when I was turned away for wearing knee length canvass shorts, even though when I phoned in the week to see if there was any dress code I was told that there wasn’t, a quick 10 mile return journey to the hotel and I’m back at the casino having lost the first level of play.

It has to be said that there’s not a lot going on up in Scotland in general and therefore they seem to be watching a lot of Scandinavian poker and are obviously getting their identities mixed up with their north sea rivals – be prepared to get 4 bet by 73off.

45 runners make the field up in this £150 (1 day) event and I’m up and down for most of the night deciding I was going to mix it up with 2 players who seemed a bit game. I finally bust out just after midnight with just 16 players left, I raised up with pocket 5s from early position and got shoved by the bb for around 9k total, blinds at 600/1200 – I call and he flips QK and binks a Q.

A few hands later and I shove over the top of an early position raise to 4k with JQ suited for 13800 total, player tanks for a while and eventually makes the call leaving himself with just 2k if he loses the call and he flips AK. J on the flop followed by an ace seals my fate and its another early night for me.

Today is the £300 main event that should attract about 60 runners according to the locals, Scandi play will no doubt be the order of the day and you know what they say “if you cant beat them”…

This is a 2 day event and not sure on the patient game today or the smash and grab… be lucky..


Newy said...

let them do all the work 4 u. B patient slow play and let them hang themselves. Gud luck mr Mcholden

Ben said...

I was there too, and followed the same group through their front 9. No-brainer really, what a classy group to follow. Was a great day, and as you say weather was perfect for watching golf!