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Arrived at the casino for the sup sat and they had delayed the start from 7.30pm till 8.30pm in order to get some more runners and try and make the guarantee (40 runners needed) just 24 runners turn up to play the £30 sup sat so NO guarantee – eventually makes 4 seats into the £300 main event and £200 cash for 5th.
The casino is a brand new purpose built casino and comes under the "G Casino's" chain - It is vast in size, plenty of room inside, bright, airy and comfortable as casino's go - why cant they get Walsall to look like this?

In for £60 and above ave 12k at the first break.

I play pocket kings badly when I raise it up after a raise from early position (holding 9.5k), flop comes 7J5 two clubs, I get check raised on the flop so decide to push for the rest of his stack and in case he’s flushing and he snaps me off with 7 5 off.

I manage to hit the sack just before mid-night and find myself down for breakfast at 7.30.

I’m staying in an area known as Broughty Ferry to the east of Dundee and was previously known in days gone by as the richest square mile in Europe.

Rain is holding off at the moment so seems like a good excuse to go for a walk. Monifieth championship golf course at one end of town with Broughty Castle at the other end.

£220 freeze out, 7.30pm start and a two day comp assuming enough runners.


colinmctaggart said...

ul wit the kk steve, gl tonight mate