on 14:49

Got to dtd for the super 50 hoping for a small turnout and they have their biggest turnout of the year for this tournament with 257 runners, a £50 buy in creating a pot of £12850

I was going along quite nicely, bulling the table as much as I could until along came Pete Linton, fortunately for me though he was sat immediately to my right – unfortunately for me no sooner had he turned up that I went completely card dead.

He was on my table for around two hours and in that time I think I won two small pots, whilst he was getting gifted chips like they were going out of fashion.

Blinds at 600/1200/100ra and Pete is utg and makes he’s standard raise to 3200 I find KcTc in the hole and decide to push my remaining 14k into the middle, folds to Pete who tanks for a short while but then calls me with AT – I think it would have been the same out come if I just call pre as a T comes on the window of the flop.

That’s twice in a row that Mr Linton as spanked me out of DTD having me dominated both times (I don’t actually mind playing hands with Pete as I know he’ll have a gamble with me with medium range hands if he’s got enough chips) and I’m having trouble remembering the last time I cashed there – DTD is without doubt one of the best card room venues on the UK scene, but sometimes I just feel negative before I even get there – I need a major cash there soon or I might just get fed up of going over there.