on 01:16

Managed to bag a seat last night for the Summer Series GUKPT leg 4b Sheffield/Dundee in two weeks time. Having Satellited into last nights £50 rebuy for just £4 and having an add/on for £30 represents good value given that the package won is £1k.

Even though Gala Liverpool main event is on today I have decided that I’m travelling over to Coventry G casino for the GUKPT club championships £200 F/O with a 10k starting stack and a 40 minute clock, a one day event, great weather and football on tv will ensure a shit turnout, DTD is on and obv Gala Liverpool (I reckon 40 max) but a good chance to close the gap on Ali Mallu in the GUKPT leaderboard rankings.

My live form of late has been pretty dire, getting it in whist in good shape only to get stuffed on the river – these down swings are just a part of the flow of the game and although they hurt and continue to hurt you have to learn to play through them – or give up, and I aint ready to give up just yet.

I played 4 hands at DTD last week, donating almost 8k of my starting stack to Dave Penley (Riverdave) on a T46 flop with two clubs, I’m holding KKc and check call him all the way after he reraised my bet on the turn, he flips 66 for the flopped set and puts me down to 3.2k (that was my second hand 20 minutes in – my first hand was 1 minute in UTG+1 I find AA – just 4 players at the table so I make it 225, all fold. My final sb + bb resulted in to outdraws on the river to send me back to the car after just 10 minutes of the 2nd level to reflect on what could have been.
Good luck to all the Brits out in vegas going back for day 2 of the main event.

Have a good weekend and be lucky…… unless your on my table!!!!