on 21:43

Well after arriving safely at Marrakech airport to the fanfare of yet another Ryan Air flight to land on time, we (Myself and the Mad Turk (Yucel)) grab an English speaking taxi driver and head into the new town for the Hotel we are staying at and the Casino De Marrakech that is the host of the $1 million dollar guarantee main event Marrakesh Poker Open.

After getting checked in, we make our way to our stylishly designed room equipped with all the mod cons and modern furniture along with the free wi-fi. A quick change of clothing and we take a two minute walk to the casino and enquire about this evenings sat that starts at 9pm about 40 minutes ago and has re-entries for 1 hour 40 minutes, 450 euro buy in (5k chips) with no add’ons and the organisers reckon that they will make about 10 seats into the 4500 euro main event – so we’ll go in as late as we can.

Grabbed a buffet in the casino but was dubious about eating there as you were picking your food in a room dark enough that your dear old granny could lap dance naked in and you wouldn’t recognise her cause it that was dark – anyway the food turned out to be quite nice and the waiters were more than happy to run around after you. Lets see how my stomach holds up tomorrow now ;-)



ROSSI said...

hope you run good steve