on 11:13

Well after going out 20th and Turk went out 19th (Bubble) in yesterdays 5500DH we are due to fly back tonight, so a day by the pool telling bad beat stories looks in order.

On reflection of the trip, I think was a good journey.

Bagged a seat in the euro450 freezeout and won a 50000DH (4,500 euro) seat into the main.

Main event bust out 58th/200 after a staggering 12 x 1 hour levels played in one day in intense heat to a very strong field, I had big Roger to my left for around 10 hours of that and held my own with him.

Side event 5500DH (500 euro) crashed out in 20th spot out of 125 runners with 18 spots getting paid. Deep into level 13 for the day (half hour levels) and I’m well below the ave, there’s a limp UTG (massive chip leader) and a raise from a player holding roughly the same chips as me, the sb was all in anyways as he didn’t have enough to cover the small and I find KINGS on the BB, I shove, limper calls, raiser shoves, limper calls for the side pot – on our backs. Sb AK, me=KK, limper 77 raiser AA end of . GG WP MBVFN – but I still enjoyed the game and the trip even though I didn’t cash.

Well done to Foxy Lady and Adam Wilkinson on their deep run in the DTD monthly deepstack WPWPWP

I’m off down to the pool now to listen to Turks bad beat stories - laters