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Where the fuck are all the British? Vegas perhaps…..

Today is the start of this years Marrakech International Poker Open, 4500 euro buy in with a prize pool of $1,000,000 guaranteed – 20,000 chips and a 1 hour clock throughout starts at mid-day – 1 starting day and organisers are expecting in the region of 200 runners covering the guarantee easily.

Not many English out here and I’m not certain how many will be playing the main event, I will be as will Dave Colclough and we will doing our best to ensure that some of that wonga heads home to the UK

There is also a 500 euro Omaha F/O starting at 9pm and tomorrow there is a 500 euro F/O hold’em comp on Sunday.

The cash table out here are quite lively, and if you’re a tight player you could make quite a killing on them as these players will call you off with bottom pair, ask Turk….lol

Going to the pool to just relax and chill before the main event starts – not really got a game plan as such (I have but I just aint saying really) although I certainly wont be intimidated even though I’m likely to be the only brit on my table – I’m just hoping that JP and his tournament staff are on top of all this incessant French chit-chat during the hand – I saw a French player receive a ONE orbit penalty the other night with a warning that if he continued with the offence when he came back to the table then he would be disqualified completely – and this was when we were down to two tables.

Updates later via twitter and facebook

Have a good weekend and if you cant be careful……..be lucky


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to You, Dave C and The Turk (if he plays) in the main event. And Good Luck to any other Brits playing too.
Please pass on a special message of Good Luck to Dave C from Mark.B /Russellhansen /BBP live.
ps-It's lovely and sunny in Stoke right now. No need to go all that way for a bit of sunbathing!

Mad Turk said...

good luck m8 hope u bring that wonga home from turk and good luck to dave too

Mike & Louise Saban said...

Best of Luck Steve