on 04:29

Well they say that when in rome…. And all that.

70 runners for the 450 euro re entry sat stump up a total of 37,000 euro that makes 8 x 4500 euro seats and 900 odd euro’s for 9th spot…

We get down to final table 10 and they all start talking in French about doing a deal – I was average chips at the time and declined, we get to 9 and they all start on me saying 350 euro each and we all get a seat, two of the frogs on the table only had around 25k when the ave was around 60k – I knocked the deal back again, then felt the glare of the complete table when we had to play on for another 40 minutes to lose the 9th spot.

Now all I need to do is get deep in the main event on Saturday.

At least I can relax by the pool tomorrow.


Razboynik said...

You should do well in the tournament if there are lots of French players; they're used to surrendering.