on 16:38

My stomach has held up and had a really good day at the pool doing sweet fuck all..

I awoke about 7.30 then dozed back of till around 9.30 then showered, shaved and woke the mad turk up, head down for breakfast then head out on to the terrace pool area to decamp for the day. The temp at 11am was already up in the high 30’s so the pool was a welcome relief to jump into.

We are joined around mid day at the pool by Frazier from Ayr and Dave Colclough and we’re having a good crack just chatting away when this arrogant French fucker comes over and asks the Turk to “please keep down the noise” we weren’t even talking loud, we’ve made a pact that one of us knocks him out and we have to say “now fuck off to the library if you want peace and quiet”

Final sat’s tonight into the main event – so I might try and bag a set for the Turk or I might try some cash – lots of fish, yum yum yum – are they donkey’s out here or camels?