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O H - S H I T

Having bust out of the £550 main event at Walsall about halfway through the proceedings on Saturday I decide to give the Sunday Million on Pokerstars a blast but don’t know why I bothered… 6800 runners, I get down to about 1350 and then get shafted like only Pokerstars shaft you… utter bullshit… a bit like that football match over in South Africa.

We need to sort the following out before we can even start to dream about winning a football competition on the World stage:

Foreign Manager
Overpaid Manager
National Stadium
Five Foreigners / per game / Premier League rule
Shorter season

Cappello has to go and we have to have a British manager, in the likes of Martin O’Neil, Stuart Pearce, Big Alex or Harry Redknapp – Then we may have a chance at the European Championships in two years.

Game of golf beckons…. laters


Razboynik said...

I don't think that you can blame Capello 'only' for our losses.
You can lead a horse to water.....

The team played crap, and are an embarrassment to the nation. That's what you get when you pay £150k per week for a 'Prima Donna'. He's not interested in playing for the honour.